Increasing Musical Talent

So I’ve decided not to focus on fame as fame is just a consequence of being a master at your field (excluding the kardashian type people).

So as a music artist besides amduscias and lucifer is there any lesser known entities who can re wire my brain to create some pretty intense melodies and patterns in my music?

The brain can surely be re wired by spirits if asked. I mean there’s been individuals whom have been struck by lightning and became a professional piano player over night.

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Don’t know about lightning strikes (most times lightning strikes supposedly kill outright).

Just be sure to banish, ward and watch out for parasites (some “lesser” entities are actually parasites).
Stick to known entities and verify they are the entity you are trying to contact and deal with.

Add: personally I think lift of the unknown entities are parasites or egregores. I advise stick with knowns and verify.

Well that was just that one guy, most people just get burned or deafened or die, but sudden savant “syndrome” is a thing, and it’s caused by severe trauma. The abilities are caused by the healing not by damage it seems.

I think it should be possible to get that healing without the trauma triggering it, but it required daily meditation, and you’re basically doing the same thing as the gurus to gain siddhis.

No spirit can do this for you, and if they can they won’t, because it takes as long to learn to be responsible with the abilities and they don’t want a bunch of criminals running around that can give people heart attacks just by looking at them… so it starts with self development and it’s work. It’s worth it, but its work, and that’s why most people don’t bother.


Wow, didn’t know lightning ever did that to someone.


By lesser being, does that exclude Na’amah, as I’ve heard that she’s pretty good with music.

My two cents as someone who delves in magic and also as a music major(besides years of work in the field), in my humble opinion I think you might want to get entities to help with your practising routines, to keep you focused, get a professional human teacher + a known spirit who is into arts like King Paimon or Great Duke Dantalion and see what they’ll be willing to do for your development. As long as you’re really serious about getting good at it I’m sure working with entities would considerably accelerate your growth, but in my personal experience and reading from other people’s experience too, they wouldn’t make it happen overnight.

Also, being a master of music ( no pun with academic titles intended ) doesn’t automatically makes anyone famous, some of the best musicians I’ve ever seen are hardly known outside of academic or niche circles. Fame and skill, even if compatible and sometimes walking together, are not sides of the same coin, fame is a consequence of countless variables and skill sadly even being an obvious preferencial one, is not a requirement at all when talking about the masses.

I firmly believe no one needs their brain re-wired overnight to achieve what you’re looking for, that’s just a personal opinion though, I hope my words could’ve been of any use, I wish you good luck on your musical development.


I’m really surprised you mentioned him as he’s someone I regularly work with and call
Upon for love and communication matters!

Yes it’s true he is said to knows all arts.

So how would you personally go about working with him for musical abilities.

He’s very good with bending the mind and changing your thoughts so could I petition him to help me come up with catchy melodies.

I’m sure he can help.

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If you have clear communication with him, tell him about your goal, and ask him how he can help you achieve it, he might even make you think if that is really what you want, or if you’re looking at it the right way and things like that, I believe you’re in good hands if that conversation takes place.

As for how I would personally go about it, giving the fact my communication with spirits is definitelly not good enough to have that kind of mentorship interaction yet, I’d ask him to steer me in the direction of the right book, or the right teacher, the right information somehow, aks him to help to get in the flow state while working on my music, to help keep me disciplined on my studies, to have a clear unobstructed mind while creating, things like that, understanding the entity amplifies the result of my own personal effort end dedication.

Either way I’m sure he can help.

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