Increasing intelligence, precisely IQ

I know all about Mercury and I do things already in a practical way to keep my mind sharp. Can anyone think of goetia spirits to increase IQ( and I don’t mean the silly modern view of emotional intelligence)


Actually there are many differing intelligences and you’ll find that you need a combination of them to be successful. If you have IQ but no EQ (as you call it) you are pretty far down the autism spectrum or alternatively a spectacular ass hat.

You may wish to refer to Gardner’s Intelligences.

You might want to have a look at what you actually regard as intellect and skills for life - the skills would be different for a dancer, an architect, a blacksmith, a physician or a musician. Please don’t tell me that physician is smarter than a blacksmith or artisan because they need to know a lot about how the metal behaves in a variety of states, what it can and cannot do, how they can form it, forge it, anneal, and so on.

The way you can help yourself is by learning new skills and keeping your mind and body active - you will find the most successful individuals are those who continue education not for pragmatic reasons but simply for the love of discovery and learning.


I agree with @HermesHorse. To be rich you don’t have to be a genius. Many academics have died poor, but many have become rich off their work. Take the IT field for instance.

In life, you must balance emotional intelligence with “book smarts” intelligence. It’s ultimately not just what you know, it’s who you know. King Paimon can help with both.


EQ is bullshit, social skills are still logical


This just reminds me of why improve, why lose weight, why get into good shape. I disagree a lot of smart people have better lives and are more successful and it opens doors up to better relationships


King paimon ok thanks

Smart man, good looking


Apparently equal, no difference here, intelligence does not get you anywhere

Nope intelligence does not make a difference


its blocked in my country , but thanks for expressing your opinion. I know some people , that are not very bright have been successful, I just don’t think its the norm


use, or youtube-dl on GNU/linux
(at least for debian/ubuntu -based distros)

sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

youtube-dl -F [url] (=shows download options)

youtube-dl -f [option] [url]

Ok fair enough, your right, but I don’t want to succeed that way, I want something with merit, I hate the modern age, were there is so much untalented success and so many cheaters. You can lecture me all you want, but I want to be more like a samurai , not a psychophant clown


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  1. guy con artist
  2. Corporate music, untalented clown
  3. Corporate music, untalented clown

None of these make you smart

This thread shouldn’t become a debate about intelligence, it should be a thread about sharing magick.


I’m glad that you wrote that… i was close to post german songs from WW1 and 2 :sweat_smile:

Anything to do with intelligence, Paralda, Elemental King of Air, is your guy.


TMW when a dumb video, makes you wanna burn this world, laugh and cry in its ashes, and then act like nothing happens.


Nah… i wont.
~i would rather burn all of civillisation.