Income for Spiritual Practitioners of any kind, and how to establish your business?

In my town, we have a subdivision called Kerrytown, there the Food Co-Op is, and there on their bulletin board I see business cards for various types of practitioners.

What real income potential is there in being a spiritual practitioner, and how do you setup a legit business around it?

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It depends, I know shamans that do groundbreaking spiritual work for 1000 dollars an hour and I also see fake gurus doing it for even more, honestly people in that field are pretty gullible, if spirit wants you in that channel it will happen naturally, those things aren’t for certain people, and if you’re not doing anything special, If you’re just doing tarot readings or energy healing, you won’t have consistent income because there’s not enough demand and there’s too many people doing it… You would have to be truly significant and a master of your craft to maybe get legitimate income…

I suggest connecting with your soul to connect to your soul mission, which may also be connected to spirituality, I tried what you tried and this is what I discovered, my mission is also spiritual in nature but I know for certain it’s not something anyone else can replicate that’s why it’s significant it’s something high in demand, and not everyone can do it


Right on, I will do your recommendation. Yeah, there were at least four tarot reader cards, 4 spiritualist cards, 4 reiki healer cards etc. Yet no IChing Readers, no Black Magicians, etc. Very RHP oriented bulletin board.

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The path doesn’t really matter, the most advanced qigong masters that know telekinesis will probably rarely find consistent clients in the western world, it’s useless heal humans, they need to heal themselves, they’re a waste of time, I look back and honestly if I offered energy healing again I’d be offending myself. When I dropped it I still had a call from spirit to be of service, just not in same way desperate people do it whether it be the classic tarot readings, reiki or yoga teaching… this is the cliche, but it doesn’t get anyone anywhere, it’s usually people sick of doing normal work that they want to fill the role of a guide or healer but there’s too many people doing that, and very few are qualified for that type position, shamans get clients because spirit brings it to them and gives them instructions if needed, some don’t even charge, it’s usually very dumb and gullible people that pay the vast majority of charlatans and fake gurus stuck in the new age, they’re just robots stuck in the meatgrinder, existing to feed the false light as bots, astral entities work through these crowds to feed the false light leaders and the narrative they pose which distorts spirituality… that’s actually why I stopped giving services, I’d rarely ever again… your best shot is digital products like books and courses, those are the best because they can be digital products without any cost… and they can make a lot of money… I know a bunch of law of attraction newbies making pretty good money off of the bs courses, people are gullible, just present yourself properly, good advertising and marketing and you’ll probably get good sales, but I wouldn’t do that unless it’s genuine because then you just become a charlatan or fake guru which is not a spiritual calling but more of egocentric one


From a practical standpoint, what’s to stop you from just offering one to three card readings for say, $5 or so, inside a mall or whatever?

Just call it fortune telling, have fun doing it while people have fun getting fortunes read.

Good divination practice too.

If you want to be more elaborate, you could get a costume and arrange a booth somewhere or whatever.

Say you’re taking the money as “donations”

I don’t think anyone reads the paper anymore, but if you could find a way to put an ad out for some kind of magical service with a number for a burner phone to setup, consult, arrange, or whatever, that might be an interesting option to pursue.


I would imagine that if you want consistent, recurring revenue with this type of business where you offer services, then you’re looking for regulars and for ways to consistently acquire new clients. So some way of marketing your business (which is likely heavily reliant on marketing your spiritual persona, as people are looking for a person here as much as they are a tarot reading or whatever) to potential clients, and then good enough services to make people want to be repeat clients. This is likely partly how good your reading is, but also how much rapport you can build with the client, how well you connect, it’s like having a therapist. You want to be able to get along with and talk easily to your reader and confide in them while also receiving some good advice and another perspective.

A potential “go to market strategy” could be to offer initially lower prices than the competition as a “starter fee” and then say after like 3 readings the price returns to its normal higher level. That way you are more attractive when it comes to pricing and are more likely to get repeat business, but then after you develop a relationship you have the price increase to more long-term sustainable levels, which your good clients will be happy to pay for your unique, quality services.

Like any business, if you focus too hard on trying to bring in income right away immediately as fast as possible, that is not a mindset suitable for long-term success. If you focus on growth, you will achieve income increase. Try and wrap your mind around that if you haven’t already. If you get a job, you’ll get paid immediately and will pretty much always make that much. If you start a business, you may not get anything at first, but you open the potential to make more and to have the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

I would suggest doing the math, and then think about it for a bit. Would you rather get a job that makes you that much money for more time investment, or would you rather build a business, which may take less of your time ultimately but pays less money now, but which gives you about as much or more money in the long-term if you have the patience and persistence to grow it?

Not everyone is suited to the entrepreneurial lifestyle, but of the people I know, those who are tend to be very unsuited to the 8-8 (used to be 9-5, 8-8 is generous) job lifestyle, even if they are working that much on their business, and even if they are making less than they could in a regular job. It’s all about the mindset and how you want to spend and experience your time to make money.


Interesting. Thank you, I have had a thought about a place where pagans can come to do their magic, having no place for incense, candles etc. Each “vault” would have an overhead fan, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers and all, disclaimer on walk in contract that basically everything that occurs is strictly on the client, business unrelated of sorts. A place where you could evoke azazel, while some unicorn white lighter is practicing drawing down the moon or the likes next door. No clash of energies, each in their own safe vault.

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Sounds good, but don’t forget soundproofing and erecting shields around each vault. I would personally consider the shielding to be the vendor’s responsibility.

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Are you a pyshic?

Being different is important

That aren’t that many real ones around

Giving free readings at first

Get a good reputation going

Get the word out there

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You need to know what you are offering, and in such a way you can justify it to be of help because it actually is of help.
I went from 0 to being able to live from it, through hard work, social media, word of mouth, consistent posting, working on spiritual forums and getting a client base. Putting my flyer up in the metaphysical store and the supermarket got me only 1 client and she was a psycho I did not even want to work with. I often deny my services to people whom I feel do not have the ability to take responsibility for their life and patterns. when responsibility is not possible, your work also will be useless as they will sabotage any progress made and it is incredibly frustrating… this counts for magic and spell work and for healing work.

Your skills are the most important part of your business, then after that the marketing … you could say opposite but that is where you find the difference between actual practitioners and scammers.


You should see this post just created:

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Yeah, and that is why I decided not to waste my time learning telekinesis. I realized all that time spent on it could be spent on learning marketing, something that is far more interesting anyway. Did you know that words mean different things in different subcultures? Fascinating. As far as humans healing themselves, yeah they do, but sometimes healing can be facilitated. It is hard to heal in a yucky environment where things keep attacking you.