Wealth Strategies for Occultists

I know this is an old post but some thoughts of mine.

Money, the elusive drug we all seem to want and cant get. We talk about lust for results yet happily lust for money! think of money as the tool to get what you need, think of magick as the tool to get what you need. Now do you see the similarities? if money is magick we would use it as the tool not the end means. So therefore think of money as just a tool or the magick and not as a standalone principle of what we need. Yes we need money to live I know that. But if you turn this around and think of what you need that the money will buy instead and use the magick to get the END RESULT then you no longer chase the cash but instead look for the things money will buy. These situations that you want are where the true magick happens and they will seep into your life through events, circumstances changing, miracles, opportunities and yes money will come by default to help get them. But in saying this not all these things require money to obtain, some may end up coming via means we never thought of. When you perform magick do you concentrate on the magick only? no so why concentrate on the money only? its the end result we concentrate on. If you chase a girl or get chased yourself do you get put off by them? yes so why chase the money? Those that chase money will forever chase money.

Now mages really dont help situations with the below:

  • You can get it but it comes at a price… mental block!
  • Money is evil… mental block!
  • Using magick for money is black magick or unethical… mental block!
  • Money requires hard work only to get… mental block!
  • You need to put in effort to help the magick… major mental block and a subtle one at best!
  • Magick improves your chances but it may not change… major mental block to any success as its
    self -doubt!
  • Rich are the problem of the world… mental block!
  • I have never been able to get money… mental block!
  • Demons or Angels wont give you money without putting in your EFFORT… mental block!

Would a god think, well I need a laptop and can do magick but need to also put work into it or the spirits may not help etc? No he would know without a doubt regardless he/she HAS IT its not a question of IF it is a DEFINITE. Do we require to go out looking still? possible but not always. Do we look online at sale sites? possible but may not always be the case. Yes researching, looking and have a mooch about shops helps and makes things quicker but results can come to you in the most strangest of ways without doing those things. Think of people giving you their old one, family giving you their laptop as they got a new one, find one, had one hidden away you forgot about, present, win one, find one for free browsing a forsale site etc. Now we may think that it would require us to first use magick to get money to get the laptop when in reality we only needed to concentrate on the laptop and it may even be that we got it for FREE!

Now you want a promotion at work and you think well you have to work hard to do it WHILE using magick. Yes working hard is great but aint we losing trust in our magick if we think we need to boost it through physical means? Did you not think that someone retires and you end up being the best candidate for the job, they think you are now the best candidate because the magick influenced the boss, someone puts your name forward without you knowing, you do something that brings in a big amount of sales or solves a problem and you end up being promoted. These required you to be AT WORK but not work anymore different than what you did prior, only thing you did was magick for the promotion or pay rise.

Do you need a new home? now people say yes I want this lovely house but need money to get it. Magicians say now work harder and use magick to help you push the event closer to you… you do it and think I need to keep working harder and doing more magick and end up losing site of it… but how? you did everything you needed and didn’t lust for results! so you then complain on here etc and lose faith. Did it not come to mind that the mere thinking of NEEDING TO WORK HARDER TO HELP THE MAGICK is not lusting for the result and putting no trust in the magick you performed? your power is only as good as you believe it is, remember that! Biblical term as an example here Jesus said ‘believe and you shall be able to move a mountain’ power phrasing here. Did he say now go to the gym and get big like hulk, learn this special magick from the beginning of time, obtain a spell to make you a giant and then do it? no he is telling you that if you believe in what you HAVE without doubt then it shall come to pass, the mountain can be anything and is a parable.

So then lets go back to the house example, you need a home. You dont do magick for the money, then magick for the home and say wow I double pronged it. No you do magick for the end result the house you want. You can look around, feel it, live it in your mind, know its YOURS. Make a vision board even and just feel its coming. The magick will get the situations you need to align you to maybe not the specific house you wanted but probably one dam close to it or even better. Best bit is you didn’t need to run cross country to prove your worth to a spirit, offer a syringe of blood, call on 80 demons or angels and then work 5 jobs to do it. Things will come about that you never thought would be possible. Yes research what you want, look around by all means and live the moment you would IF YOU HAD THE CASH ALREADY but without the thought of cash.

When you say we need to put in effort, the effort is living like we have it, doing what we would naturally do if we had the means to get what we needed so researching for the car you want and looking at pros and cons, sitting in them at garages etc and looking on sale groups to get a good feel for it. The magick you did and forgot about right? the hard work wasn’t getting a new job, working more hours and selling a kidney. You believed in the power you possess and had no doubt you had it. So over time it came to you. If you need to do all these tasks in between your magick and result then you simply are not trusting in your magick enough to bring you what you desire and are infact doing the mundane.

Magick is a vehicle
Money is a vehicle
Belief is the engine
End result is the destination
Desire is your start but then ditch desire as its a future word meaning you always want. No you HAVE it.

Yes this is hard to do and believing is not easy this is why people say act like a kid in how you believe in magick. A kid thinks they throw fireballs and believes in that. They have fun and the other kids see it and react accordingly. Now turn your magick into a fun game of make-believe, enjoy it, live it, honor it, become it, don not doubt (not IT but YOURSELF), work on believing in your power and turn doubt into I WILL DO IT. Feed your doubt into your positive like you feed your servitors. Dam it make a servitor that feeds on your doubt!


Now for successful and rich, yes I do believe they use magick, mind over matter, living it, and some may even have access to old locked away power rituals but nothing that is more powerful than what we cast and create ourselves.


Some more examples. Do you own any domain names? .coms especially but now nearly most of them work?

Do magick to try sell them for big bucks.

Do you have any classical vehicles or antiques you may want to sell or own? Do magick to help sell them to the correct people.

Do you have a business? do magick to bring in more sales or interest from buyers.

Do you do stocks and shares? use magick to help you learn trends, learn knoweledge or find patterns and help with chance.

Do you own property or land? use magick to help sell it for the value you want.

Do you have a business idea? use magick to help push it to the next level and find people that may help you.

Do you need inspiration for business or income? do magick to find that inspiration.

Do you want pocket change? do sigils or magick to find odd money. I did a sigil for 50 pounds (British) and was upset by something and cried into the sigil, next day I get an idea to put on these jeans I haven’t worn for a while and in the pocket was 55 pounds… then lost a 5er and ended up with my 50 haha. Do not waste your tears, anger or any emotion and jam that shit into your sigils and magick work and it seems to pop it unto you quicker than the tax man comes after you for tax.

Do you have problems currently in your business affecting sales? do magick to unblock them, find new avenues or new opportunities.

Do you have problems finding stock? do magick to find the stock you want at a price you want.

Do you waste money on stupid crap? do magick to help teach you discipline in using money.

Do you have money doubts? do magick to help get rid of those doubts and try live each day at least in part of the day, morning or near sleep thinking you have an abundance of things you need and feel wealthy in what you own and achieve. Soon it will impregnate into your mind.

None of the above asks for money as is but uses magick to get the end result that will get you the money or even situations you need without even needing the money.

These are just quick fire examples of basic stuff. Oh and stop looking at youtube vids for inspiration each day without even putting pen to paper or magick to reality and getting yourself into gear if its a business or new career you want. Want to become a singer, do magick to help that and open opportunities. Want to dance, do it and use magick to help that.

Some people do not always realize that even when they feel poor they have stuff that can help. For instances economical crashes create the most billionaires and millionaires. Opportunity comes from chaos. Magick builds meaning into our reality from chaos around us. Abundance is having the end thing and feeling happy with what you have, know and love. A mansion may not make you happy, money will not always make you happy. It is what you do with the tool that makes you happy and only when you truly accept what it is and see its value. Owning a football stadium may be a dream to some but does it make you who you are and happy? no it introduces a new set of issues that you never thought about. A guy in the UK had a stately home in his family for 400 years and yet couldn’t afford to live in it and lived on a cottage on its land on state benefits. Yet people thought he was a rich snob! with big things comes big responsibilities. Magick doesn’t make you happy its the end result and the fact you are a god of your life.

As I see it a real sorcerer knows what they want, has it and doesn’t care how they get it and the bits between A or B. Or we may end up back at A like ABRACADABRA :).


Following. I for example have a Matchbox car from 2002 still in a package, a beanie baby of some kind, had old baseball cards and comics etc.
Perhaps magical intervention is required.

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An idea that was given to me by the Angels of Omnipotence Elubatel, Ebuhuel, and Atuesuel is that money is the physical means of manifesting occult power. This aligns with your thoughts, which I agree with, that if you focus on what you want to manifest in your life and not as much on the money, then you can manifest money or other means of physical manifestation to get that thing or experience.

I am also of the mind to rail against the religion of hard work, EFFFOOORTTTTTTTT. I prefer efficiency. Usually the “hard worrrrrrkkkkkkk” types are just inefficient, even if they are technically effective, sort of. I just like to remember that magick does need pathways of manifestation, and sometimes, that means taking action to open pathways for financial manifestation, like starting a business or being smarter at work.

That being said, if you do focus on money itself with your magick, and commit to that as a pathworking, there can be great rewards, and I say that from personal experience, not just magick theory hypothetical talk.

I like money and do not see this as some laborious task which must be undertaken to have the freedom to live my life. The ability to improve and increase one’s finances with magick, and to do so to rather extreme lengths, as I have done, is both fascinating and wonderful to me and definitely not something I would choose to pass on when it comes to the options that are available to me in magickal practice.

And just to align with the energy, I recommend the book 7 Occult Money Rituals. It is the financial energy that works well for me. Comprehensive, yet low time commitment and effective. It has taken me on a journey which resulted in me being where I am today, with many moments throughout which were obviously, undoubtedly, caused by magick.


I wonder what the effect would be if someone were able to cast a spell through software programming, by using variable names locally to be a new word of the next spell block. Somewhat feasible, especially if in writing functions. Hard to explain the variable naming convention to peers and superiors however.

I see what you and a few others mean, do magick and let it become your money.

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You never know someone is out looking for that and people will pay big bucks for that kinda stuff.


Thank you :slight_smile: not long found this place myself still new on here haha.

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This is an awesome post and deserves it’s own space.

The other thread was amore about existing occultist who are already rich, this one has practical advice for a holistic all round wealth attraction and management system. :slight_smile: :+1:

We don’t have an Unofficial Tutorials megathread for gathering all the good money posts together but this could be impetus to start one so it stays easy to find.


This is a wonderful post. Why haven’t I seen more posts from you?


Thank you :slight_smile: glad I can help and thanks for making this its own dedicated post I will fill in some more ideas also and hope to hear others advice within this to help as many as is possible.

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I want to expand on actions within magick, paths of possibilities and inspired actions.

I am a firm believer in if you put your magickal intent out and believe you have the thing you need. Then it will come to you and magick will open the way to it as the tool from A to B or black and white while magick deals with all the colours in between. But here comes paths of possibilities or limitations. Can we earn big bucks by sitting at home without a job or business and on state handouts? well we cant earn consistently but can get a payout through inheritance, lottery winnings, someone offering to loan you money, finding a valuable item etc but the chances are harder. But lets make it more difficult now. If you are stuck at home, no job, no business, hardly any friends, do not go out etc what then? well your path is becoming more narrow. You aint buying lottery tickets, you do not go out so the chance of one possibly blowing by you or being on the floor is slim to none, you have no option of a friend loaning you money, no income from jobs or business and no opportunities. So your last resorts are either things we haven’t thought of or inheritance, bonus from state payments or back payments or over payments paid back or accidents etc. Now you see where things become harder and harder to get because your situation of broke is far away from getting 20k and so its unrealistic and the chances are your belief is not strong enough to overcome the reality around you within this and so magick will not really help you or may even make you feel worse as its ripping you apart to get you to go do something, Elubatal I am looking at you ;).

So lets turn the above around, if you now walked outside a lot, went to shop often, had friends, put your job applications out into the world your chances of getting the end result just multiplied. Things we may find impossible are possible with magick. You may find money each time you walk on floor that people have dropped. You may find a lottery ticket that could just be a winning one that someone lost. You put your CV’s out for jobs and one may just reply offering you the money you need. You may play a lottery game and win money. You may see a prize draw at your local shop and enter and win. Your friend may say do you want to loan money from them or win money and give you some as a gift. You may find an add looking for an item that you own and can sell it for money etc. These are not actions that work in between your point A and B with the magick like some suggest but are actions of possibilities. They are paths that allow you to manifest quicker and not live in doom and gloom. They are basically just living life as normal with room for things to come into your life. If you want a job then you put your CV out into the world. If you want a girlfriend you put yourself out by going out with friends or online dating etc. If you need a car you first make sure you can drive and have a license. Now you didn’t do much different here compared to normal. For instance you didn’t start applying for triple the jobs, looking for jobs with a specific wage, asking everyone you know for money, looking for anything and everything to sell, going around every place possible to find something at the price you wanted it at etc or you simply may as well pack up the magick tools and work your butt off instead. That blatantly says ‘I dont trust in my own abilities, power or magick’ and is lusting for the result.

When people start having huge disruptions to their life when contacting some entities it is because they are either in a very narrow path or dead end in life with no possibilities to get the huge sum of money they have requested and the entities are literally ripping your life apart to make you expand so that it can become possible. You cant summon a goetic and ask for water when walking in a desert with no water supply as the options are just near to none existent. Same goes for someone with no job, no ideas, no rich relatives and who requests to be rich.

Now if you have a business and need more money, dont ask for more money. Ask for business opportunities, extra sales, compel people to see your products as valuable, open new avenues, new contracts etc etc. Aim for the thing that makes your business boom so that you then reap the rewards. By all means add new products or do some research on market trends etc but dont do your ritual and then start hammering out 20 hour days for 7 days a week and exhausting yourself until you achieve what you want or even worse not achieving it and losing all hope. Set your intent, become it, live it. Carry on as normal and if you feel an urge to do something different then do it or change things up a little. I will come to the urges and directions bit soon of which I call inspired actions.

Here is a story of my own. I wanted a sports car, was not earning hardly enough to afford one at all. Had around 1k savings. Went to a garage and saw the new shapes and thought I am having one of these I know I am. I chatted away like I was rich trying to keep confident while in my scruffy work clothes haha. I got some brochures and then sat at home looking through them and imagining the feel of having one. I then thought I wonder if its cheaper to get an older model. So had a look online and saw that I could get a nicer version for 15k less. So never thinking of the money I thought great this is what I will get. I started roaming around selling places and looking at what was for sale and researching the cars for pros and cons. Looking at forums like I owned one to find what I need to do and look out for. I did my magick and felt myself having the car, driving it, enjoying it, smelling it, knowing its mine. I went visiting people selling them and went on test drives knowing I had a few hundred quid then if that and not 15k. Kept like this for a month or so and saw a loan add come up and had the urge to apply for it. Applied and thought I may get it or may not lets see. 2 Week later phone call asking for more details and then a week after that got accepted for 10k loan! I was shocked as my income would not usually support this! Then my problem was I had 10k but needed 5k more… so I thought dam ill just browse around like usual. I lost the car I wanted at the time as he wanted far to much and sold it in the end and out of the blue a guy messaged me on a forum saying someone had their car up for sale for 11k and was better than the one I wanted. Found the guys post, messaged and we clicked. He called off the other people interested and knocked 400 off of it for me and I purchased it! Everything clicked into place. I got a 15-17k car for 10k as he was more into bikes and his mate sold him the car 2 year prior or so and it didn’t get used much.

Now comes what I call Inspired Action.

Inspired action is action that comes to us as nudges, miss directions or urges to do something. It is the universe, spirits, magick etc telling us to do something that will become a staple of what we need or even be what we need. Mine where to put myself on a forum, see the loan application and have an urge to apply and even the initial time of going to the garage plus many more I have forgotten about.

Have you ever had these happen:

  • Get the urge to go somewhere else, ie take a different direction or go to a new shop or place compared to usual and then find something you wanted, meet someone you haven’t seen for a while or meet someone you end up falling for etc?

  • Go out shopping or for a walk and possibly go past a garage and see the car you wanted so you go in and find out you can get finance and walk out having signed up to get the car?

  • Think about someone at some point in week and then go do something and bump into them?

  • Want something and go out and bump into an old mate who has the exact thing you want for sale or even free?

  • See something interesting online and you go on it and it leads you to something you wanted to do or get a deal on?

Thats just a tiny amount of possibilities but these are inspired actions. They are nudges we are given to take us in the direction of our end goal without us even knowing. Do not miss these things when they come though usually they are pretty strong pushes.

Common problems we face in manifesting magick and I have had these plenty of times.

  • Having no money or things seeming to be going worse or lack of sales in a business.
  • Lost your job and struggling to meet ends meat.
  • Piling debts and not enough income.
  • Lack of support and more outgoings than in-comings, be it with having a kid and no support etc.
  • Cheated out of money or being swindled in business.

The above can be far more exhaustive but you get the idea. Now situations like this make feeling the end result harder as the reality around us bites harder than we can bite it back. Even adepts can struggle in these times. So what can we do? I would say first of all each morning before you wake tell yourself this ‘How did I get so much abundance in life? How am I so happy with what I have? How did I achieve all what I have? How did I pay off all my debt? How did I get the job I wanted?’ etc. Do not say it as ‘I have’ or your brain laughs at you but ask a question and your brain searches for it and I believe a user on here uses similar for sigils. Do this also near bed time as your about to go to sleep. These two points in the day have a higher chance of storing this information within your subconscious mind as your within a trance like state still. On top of this I would break your problems down and attack various areas. So you got cheated out of money, do a ritual to try get that money back, you lost your job so do a ritual to get emergency cash and/or find a better job with the right pay. Your business is not doing well so do rituals to bring in more custom, expand its reach, push for higher views when you launch its social media pages, bring in higher value orders, find new sales avenues etc. If you break a problem down at times and attack various areas you will soon build up out of them and can get the bigger picture painted and complete.

Also always remember we are not always going to have perfect times in our life. Some times shit happens and if we didn’t have shit happen we would take the good for granted and some times shit makes us grow. So a bad period doesn’t mean your doomed and remember you will always come out of it. That doesn’t mean your magick failed it just means that natural events have happened and maybe you need to attack stuff at a new angle or attack that very problem which in turn helps everything else come to fruition or stay on course.

Oh and always ask in the present tense, you have it now, not then or in time but NOW.


O was reading you post it daid use money as tool, use magick as a tool to achieve thay end result , but dont understood what tou said about the girl thing, and yes what would the end result we think with women

Hi what I mean about a girl is we wouldn’t chase and chase them and expect to be with them and likewise we wouldn’t want to get chased ourselves constantly as its off putting and we will push away. For instance if you get bombarded with text messages do you like it or do you think block? same for money if you chase the money itself constantly then you are forever chasing it and pushing that goal post in front of you like a dangling carrot on the end of a fishing rod. Its only the tool, intermediary to getting what you actually want be it material things, homes, cars, holidays, pay off debt, bills etc etc. In that sense we also know not to chase magick itself or we hamper our results. If we for instance do a ritual to get say a girl to return do we constantly think about whether it is working or has worked? no as thats lusting for result and same for money we aim for the end result and not the tool in between. Hope that makes sense.

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Bumping this because it’s going to be of interest to someone soon.

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Two ways may also be to either

  1. practice daily a magical or LOA etc technique almost without care for success (focusing instead on everyday life or yoga, Soul Travel…)
  2. doing the opposite i. e. using a mix of mantras, prayers, affirmations, visualizations… In a way, though, this may also have a “i don’t care” component, about a risk of failure precisely due to such a mix or to a possible lust for result. So a paradox: “Even if I care and may not succeed, I don’t care”

Amazing thread. Thank you