INCANTATION SUMMARY - I invite you to share all your incantations here :)

yes but not sure which one i like more, this or the one you deleted

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I personally kinda like this one more because it connects you to the 33rd degree principle of god consciousness directly.

The one I deleted literally downloads the entire lightcodes and DNA strands of the history of Magick itself. This new one is really powerful and needed, it’s safe because it harmonizes the balance.

The other one can be used for egoic purposes which can be potentially catastrophic to the balance hence why the dragons didn’t want me to share it for now. Even though Enki told me to share it freely, I’ll have to check in with Enki before I share it again

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Good question.

I’d like to know that too, cuz if it just makes you susceptible generally…

How could you be sure it was a demon and not a parasite or other type of negative entity that would come to possess you with that mantra/chant?

And how could you ensure only a demon would enter to possess you not something else with no names of entities being used?

Not daring to suggest it doesn’t work or do something I’m just wondering how you gatekeep your body so that only a desirable entity (say demon Beelzebub for example) enters and not some parasite or human hating negative entity wanting to do harm?

Well that’s easy. Intention and correct banishing.

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Where can I find more info on Xerxes

Recently a member on the forum asked how to “defeat” or weaken Yahweh

Last night in a dream I was shown a word of power that not only broke Yahwehs power over people but also somewhat blinded and actually harmed the tyrannical God to a degree

Do not use this incantation to harm him, only use it to break yourself free, because if you try to harm him with this you may potentially end up going loopy, the nature of this incantation can make you ungrounded, so if you don’t want to experience the karmic wheel of all creation with an aggressive and stupifying force.

It came to me in a dream as I said and the spirits said it was

“ Ascensum Ouroboros “

translates to the Ascension of the Ouroboros

Ouroboros is the wheel of Samsara, and they told me using this incantation would summon a spirit of light that is of the ascended nature, but this spirit of light is also you

The benefits of this incantation vary;

  • Destroys Karma
  • Summons a pure white light to cleanse the spirit
  • Trancends the animal nature
  • Brings order to chaos

And it also destroys the 3D time space construct of Chronos which is Yahweh/Allah

But be careful and grounded, when you become eternal you also don’t care much about dying either, in the dream I was shown after Yahweh was defeated via this incantation, there was a human that was hit on the head so hard that he was just as harmed as a Yahweh but only on a psychological level

This is because our bodies are still accustomed to Yahwehs matrix, so breaking off completely can be detrimental, I don’t recommend using this incantation too many times, do what feels right to you, but just make sure you don’t end up going crazy due to lack of groundedness and make sure you don’t attack Yahweh with this either because you’ll end up hurting yourself instead, it will subdue your lower self and you may end up having no fear, and that’s not a joke.

Be responsible and only use it for your own personal ascent, you may also use it for things like energy work and meditation to unwind yourself and become more light

Enjoy :clinking_glasses::man_mage:t4:


Are these angelic?

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This incantation is one I got from working with Enki

“Corpus Magicum”

You will see colors as you chant it from my experience yellowish gold and blue are very dominant

Translates to “Body of Magick” or “ Magical Body”

This one helps with not only empowering the astral body, but it also lifts you out of the animal primal astral body and into the solar and divine astral body in the higher chakras, the solar one is yellow obviously and the divine astral body is blue, and not only that this incantation can also teach you things about astral energy and the astral body also.

Please note these are very powerful incantations, latin is a dead language for a reason, this isn’t a one time go thing, once you use these incantations you will sort of enter a pathworking. Everytime I chant these I sit down all day and start channeling stuff that I’ve never ever even thought about.


I’ve got 2 new incantations I’d like to share

First one is for feeding the astral body - astral nutrition.

“Astralis Nutritionis”

Feeds the astral body, brings light and consciousness into the astral body to make it easier to co-operate in the astral body.

This incantation will connect you to the golden nectar of the gods, it is the milk and honey of Krishna, the Amrita nectar, it is a golden ethereal substance, as you intone the incantation breathe the essence in. Allow yourself to absorb it on layers of being.

“Nectarum Deorum”

After intoning them once, simply sit and observe their energy, this will allow you to latch onto their astral matrix better. Once you see it you may keep repeating, and make sure you inhale energy after chanting.

Flood your hollow astral body with these energies, make that hollow spirit body glow brighter, feel those astral essences as a part of you, doing this will allow you to sense things in the astral, there are astral energies that go beyond sight and hearing it’s more like astral feeling, these incantations can nourish the astral body with the proper mental exercises.

When you fill yourself up with enough energy, condense the energy and store it in the lower Dantien, this way the energy won’t go away after you’re done, it’ll become a part of you and imbue that nourishing energy Into your nervous system which will develop even more of connection between you and your astral body


Does Enki have any incantations for creating, powering, and manifesting servitors?


I don’t know… I don’t think he’s that into Servitors, I don’t want to speak on his behalf but he’s more into empowering yourself to the point where you need nothing else but your own inner magick.

However I do know that Enoch Petrucellys grimoire of the Neteru has a word of power that can create, charge and destroy Servitors


isnt it possible to use nectarum deorum to start legit energy cultivation like you see in manwhas etc?
and if thats the case would it not be possible to put other energies in the dantien to do that

Lower Dantien is best for storage, it’s great for developing siddhis because you can imbed those higher energies into the nervous system, it connects to the body’s entire nervous system. So storing the nutritional light there is ideal from a practical point of view even though some traditions would disagree

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the lower dantien is to store what are the other 2 for?
and would it be possible to store multiple energies in the lower dantien

I mean yeah obviously you can store different energies in the Dantien. The other 2 aren’t that good at storing, it’s recommended not to store energy in the heart, or the brain.

I can install new energies in my brain but it’s really tricky, you’d need to be really multidimensional.

Middle Dantien or heart is better for circulation, so spiraling that area and cleansing it etc. is best.

The lower Dantien stores energy into 2D imprints, so it goes into your subconscious mind. And like I said your nervous system much better. It’s like the heart, it’s muscle you can’t control consciously, it’s the same thing wjth the lower Dantien, you store those energies as automatic channels in the body and nervous system, it becomes a part of you. If you don’t store it, the energy will flow out just as it flows in

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What are the benefits to storing energy in the dantien

I just told you