INCANTATION SUMMARY - I invite you to share all your incantations here :)

Days 3 and 4:

On day 3 I didn’t feel the same effects as I did before but I did feel rather hot.

On day 4 I had an interesting experience because I was very angry about something prior to doing the chant. When I chanted the words however, the intense feelings vanished and I felt calm and happy. I asked my shadow what happened and he said “Sometimes the energy goes where it needs to go”


Days 5 and 6

5: Not sure what I felt but when I lied down to go to sleep after doing it I felt pain in my back

6: This time I got really hot despite not wearing anything when I did this and it was like 50 something degrees out and I didn’t have the heat on in the house or anything.

On a side note, I think my metabolism is up because I ate like three big pieces of very rich chocolate cake before bed and when I weighed myself the next day it was down almost 2 pounds from what it was a day ago which is surprising cause I didn’t change my diet at all.

Also like as of me writing this I’m feeling strange sensations that I have a hard time describing. I feel as if I’m growing out of my own body. Like a literal metamorphosis as if I want to burst out of myself. The feeling is especially strong in my arms and sides of my torso but also in the legs. Shadow says this is the beginning of stronger effects of the ritual despite the fact the transfiguration doesn’t start until after the 10 days of chanting. He said something like “first their will be turbulence, but this is necessary to get where you want.”