Litany Of Hellfire

Here is a powerful Litany of summoning hellfire, spoken in a demonic tongue each word acting as sounds that carry intense critical infernal power, this was given to me by Azazel himself.

Get lost in the recitation and it’s power allow the hellfire to ignite your temple and to ignite you, bask in its power for this is truly intense.

" Fanasa Hil Den Ree, u’nok in dren sen walash bee walash bee
fansaka sue bil cee, welish twit noka celek jana wen yelek, gen oose
pen gela hopk cel’mak qwee dealz masa ruinock alaka menz futo jen
ize lema twa sra fel eep gualessa heme ruock nuo lila ma ahta venosso
ilma xil amay kah pru so wilmat assa cen’tuah i uo yulo amas rev duah
git amesh ala tel kabat uin alat pesra ern pestra oo alash ruinov kapre
welek zuinja tuo yamaza dam ooch flek opft ya dren zaw lintomak jsu braka
mak welish kalla melt invpu demasaro hela kel kal’me’atea sua gen hama
deenu blek vask’ilu es’ames tre ha la twu ock gelsu city devnu pluosh alash
week ah qwee rachu guin ovwa del’me’ay spe’ah wen cranasa
dos amos delin delaska welek ha’ma tu’sh bremaka sen
deleak kwah helin bee exu deal’min ash tra buwin "

Comment your experience with this don’t just say the words as you must harness your power and intent for this Litany is to dangerous to read out loud for no reason, have the intent of hellfire in a proper set up and prepare for a insane time :fire:.


Conner Kendall.


So with this I began to get hot on my back toward the second line on the end.

Incredible experience off the get go man…its 415 am In B.C, and I feel like A pheonix rising from the ashes .
Aside from the heat increase, ( my spine specifically , or most potent heat anyway), when I opened my eyes to my temple from an insanely vivid meditation where the hellfire engulfed me it activated a transformation into a red and gold dragon…

I won’t ramble about the details, i feel its more important I RECORD the difference of intensity or rather the sensation of manipulating the Hellfire , in a similar manner i do regularly with inner dragon’s fire,

No joke it felt as if I was holding and forming a physical substance that was so hot it burns skin just within proximity of the energy…

I still feel like I have not attained the full desired affect and/or potency , so I will be experimenting with this again.

Also my temple had a golden glow , much different from the blue astral energies I’ve become attuned to when creating a sacred space…

Lastly , i would catch glimpses of burning golden fire in the mirrors around me , quick peripheral glances of golden fire dancing I the mirrors on the walls surrounding me.

Wicked fucking cool, Thanks @C.Kendall.
Yet to experience a dull exercise from you.
Much respect bro
Darkest blessings .


Thank for this Kendall tried the litany 2 nights ago at first I thought it was lacking in power but it turned out to just be a slow burn it took about an hour to reach full potency started out as a subtle warmth like you get from strong liquor then rose all the way to full on inferno thill feeling it 2 nights later like the rivers of hell are in my viens

Am I allowed to read this out of my Grimoire? or is it to be memorized?

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have you used it rav?

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But of course its excellent especially in an hostile place.