Inanna QnA session part 2 (CLOSED)

I am doing another Q and A session for Inanna, at her request.

Just to recap, she is the Sumerian Goddess of Love and War as well as Queen of Heaven, which is literally what her name means. Her cult goes back to well before 4000 BC and she has been known by many other names since. She is usually depicted in full battle gear, leading a lion on a leash, which Sumerian rulers kept as pets. When she lived on earth in a physical body, she ruled over the city of Uruk in upper Mesopotamia, which has been thoroughly excavated in the 19th century and most of the exhibits that were unearthed are to be found in the British Museum, as well as in Berlin, where you can view them in person.

Inanna is closest to her twin brother Utu, who is the Sun God. There is some debate over whether Enki is Innana’s father or brother, but in any case, they are close and they exist in a sort of Mesopotamian Holy Trinity. Generally these three, along with Enki’s brother, Enlil, are considered to be the chief Anunnaki (sons of Anu, also known as EL In Ugaritic).

So, if you have any questions, we are happy to hear them and we will do our best to answer them, for as long as I can keep the connection to her established.


Innana, should I be careful on this full moon?

I am Inanna. Sin does not favour your activities when in full blossom. When Sin is waning is when you will achieve what you seek.

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Innana is someone after me? If yes, is it a witch?

Inanna, am i being targeted?

Innana, if I were to consider working with the sumerian panethon in a pathworking, what aspect of that current would be the most dangerous yet still benefical for me?

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I am Inanna. You are being pursued by the light. Stick to the darkness and you shall be protected. You are not of this world and neither is your pursuer.

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Innana, do you know me from past interactions? (From previous lives)

No one is ever targeted, except to the extent that they allow themselves to be. If you open yourself up to attack with the expectation that you will be targeted and do not protect yourself, then that is what will happen.

Same question for me~

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Pazuzu is of the underworld where the dead go to die, yet he is most beneficial to those that dare to work with him. If you pursue the path leading to the underworld, you will face many dangers and yet the rewards will be considerable.

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Yes and Yes.

Remark: also applies to Danquanicus

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Inanna, could you give me a war advice to anchor my strength?

Thank you. In which case (If I may ask another question), Inanna, what do you think about me? And do you have any advice for me regarding my magickal path?

Love and war are related, different sides of the same coin. Those that know how to wage war in the name of love will be unmoveable like an anchor.


Thank u so much!

You are favoured by the gods. The path of the Goddess you should follow and you will achieve great things.

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Inanna, what guidance can you give me in over to overcome this obstacle we’ve been facing?

Thank you Inanna. Lastly, if I may ask, what is the path of the Goddess? And how can I best follow it?

Walk around it. There is darkness and futility in refusing to see the obvious. Other paths must be sought out to overcome that which seems unmovable.

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