Inanna QnA session part 2 (CLOSED)

I lead those that follow me into Heaven. The ladder that leads to Heaven is made of branches on the tree of life. Step on each branch one by one and the fruit at each will be given to you. When you reach the top of the tree, the fruit of immortality will be your reward. When the pinecone secretes its holy water, the spirits will favour you and assist you on your path.

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Enki has decided to “join the chat”. If you have any questions to him, let me know.

How do we remove this entity from our lives?

Enki, do you have any words of advice for me? I feel very lost at the current period.

Beat me to it. Would like to ask him the same if possible (thanks to Inanna for answering my previous question)

Inanna, what should I do to fix the damage I went through at the hands of parasites this summer?

yo i think this is Inanna, not enki

Unwanted entities can be banished by calling on the right protector. Call on Pazuzu to protect you and he shall.

I have 2 questions for Inanna. Is there anyone or anything working against me currently, in any area of my life?

Also, do you have any words of advice?

Enki, do you have any advice for me?
I did’t meant to reply to you, sorry :slight_smile:

Thank you, I will have to make amends with him in the future. I know this might be a little bit of a loaded question for whoever wishes to answer, but any advice for those called by Tiamat? She has in the past.

I am Enki. It is the light that you seek and yet the darkness holds you back. Do not be afraid of either, for they both lead to liberation. By combining the two serpents, you shall achieve success.

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I am Inanna. The electric currents in your brain and nerves must be rewired. With the right lifestyle, diet and meditation your pathways will heal. Trust your intuition, which is your higher self, to lead you along the right path.

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I’ve never participated in one of these before, but I have some questions I’ve been struggling to answer for some time.

To either Enki or Inanna:

I have been told that there are vast forces at play behind my life, moving pieces around like a chess board. They hide from my vision, as well as the vision of those who have tried to help me identify them. I ask, do you know what these forces are, and what they may want from me?

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I see shadows that are following you. Debts from past lives interfere with your current activities. The debt must be repaid and you will be free of your bond. Help those that are in need and your liberation will be faster.

Thank you Inanna, may I ask another question?

There are those that hide in a dimension foreign to our own. From this hidden dimension they orchestrate things on the surface of the earth. You may know them as the archons. They create a fake reality to fool your senses, but you should resist and seek out only that, which is true and real. Only your heart can know when you encounter your authentic self and the reality in which it dwells.

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@ChrisK I think you overlooked my 2nd question or it didn’t display, site went down for brief moment when I posted. Wanted to know if Enki had any advice he could give me currently

I have a question for Inanna or Enki. Do they know what these symbols are in the picture and what they mean: image

Concentrate on one path and do not try to walk more than one at a time. The one that feels most authentic to you is the one you should follow.

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