Inanna Or Ishtar Apple love spell failed?

I have done Inanna love spell I have done bath ritual after that chant it 3 times over apple and gave it to girl. Now it’s already 2 months passed nothing happened. Is it failed or still there is time for it to work? Can anyone answer me? Someone from forum says it works within 1 week.

I’m no expert but this is my opinion. Lots of times love spells simply don’t work because our HGA etc. intervenes, or the target’s. I would do divination to confirm if it’s the case.

Inanna is a very powerful deity and she would have likely succeeded if the problem was target’s protection, she would have destroyed any obstacle. It’s probably your own HGA that’s blocking this.

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Target is strong Christian believer. She always carry rosary. May be it’s protecting her

Damn, then she’s probably very close to the archangels which are extremely powerful entities and provide excellent protection. Best solution here is to reach out to them, I think. Since she’s a devout believer she’ll do as they as if they decide to help you. Though for targeted love spells they are definitely not guaranteed to help you. Targeted love spells are a type of black magick, after all.

That is a strange love ritual :scream: you wrote but nothing about the whole concentration, impregnation, charming and charging as well as use of magickal tools, spirits of nature or sigil of a spirit :thinking:

That Love spell is from Simon Necronomicon Book from Book of Calling. In some forums who practiced it says it works fast.
You can also find it from this thread

What did you chant and what did you do in yourself, your feeling and visualisation, if any, while you chanted? If you chanted and listened to the sound of the words, it might not have given the energy clear direction. The act of giving the apple would help, it’s hard to do that in person without intention.

After that what have you done to follow up? Did you approach her and ask her out or smile more of what? She’ll most likely expect you to make a move and not be forward if she’s very religious.

I exactly follow from this thread and done spell

And after Few weeks I approach her, talked with her but I see no effect on her. Nothing seem to be changed

What kind of divination exactly could we use to check this?

Any method will do. I use tarot.

It is possible that the spirit behind the necronomicon and you aren’t attuned. Getting attuned to a magickal current needs time

I don’t think so. Because many says it doesn’t matter as long as girl eats apple. I think I have to wait

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But did you walk through every gate first before doing the spell since I was told this before about their importance: “You do the Gates, all of them, then you do the spells. You can try the spells first but your results will be less reliable and probably dangerous since you won’t have the planetary powers on your side. Also don’t stop doing the gates halfway through, that will just blow up in your face. It’s all there in the text, just follow the instructions. Btw the grass you have to burn for the Watchers is marijuana, took me a while to figure that out.”

I have not done gate walk till date. It’s says spell still work without that in some websites. But till now I have not received any results it’s more than 2 months now.
By the way do you know what is the time frame for Results from Inanna apple spell? Or it’s immediate??

Well from my research on this spell, even just mixing charged apple sauce with your cologne and the target smelling it should have some effect from even that but of course it not as much as the target eating the charged apple or apple sauce that is. And the person I learn the spell from said it was the third spell he had ever tried if I remember right and it still worked for him. Also the person I gave the spell too said it work for him within a week or maybe even sooner than that but he didn’t tell me what he did to prepare for the spell since he might have done the gates for the spell and everything else too. But I personally doubt he did the gates too since he claim the girl got so obsessed with him that she stabbed him in the arm when he talk to another girl in front of him which meant it work a little too well if what he told me was accurate. Sadly don’t know the exact time frame since the different factors should affect it potency and to tell you the truth I haven’t tried it first hand yet. But that the more people that tried it out, the stronger it becomes from what I heard about this spell.

well, if im not wrong, that spell should have work, inanna besides bieng a love goddess is also a war goddess, and she have several myths where she succed with her conquests, after reading all the comments perhaps what may work is giving to the girl a lapis lazuri jewel blessed by inanna to achieve it, inanna is known for being a strong conviction and a powerful desired and pride, to bless that jewel you need to put a lot of desire and conviction to work

One more question, can I still do gates after 2 months, so the spell will start working on heras per as your knowledge.? In my cases Target already eaten apple infront of my eyes. And thanks for your answering

Yes, you can always do the gates now and it should work after that but I would redo the rest of the spell too after that since I been told it always a good decision to recharge the spell every month or so. Because if you don’t then the target will go through side effects since the person I got the spell from said the target will start to become like a stalker and maybe cheat too and sometimes both if the spell is never recharged and your welcome since it never hurts to help out.

Ok, but Simon necronomicon book doesn’t clearly mentioned step by step gate walking. I don’t know how to start it. Can you give me some instructions

There’s a separate book by Simon called The Gates of the Necronomicon that covers that.

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