In what ways can you work with the Jotun Surtur?

How to work with surtur, can you post the procedure?


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Surtur, also called Surtr, Surt and though by many to be the same as Sorath is a Jotun.
There’s parallels in there to Vulcan as well.

As this is a deity level interaction, I would say start by reading up on him with “preparatory immersion” type stuff. If you include Sorath info in there you will get a feel for whether you will see then as the same in your work or not.

If you see him as Sorath, there’s an intense ritual to work with him in the Anthology of Sorcery #3, by Andrieh Vitimus “The Cruicible of Sorath’s Fire”.
E.A. Koetting performed this ritual with modifications with good sucess, but channeled gnosis that seemed to relate Sorath more to the Sun than Volcanic fire, but it’s all very interesting.

His Vikings book/course teaches a more LHO way of working with the Norse Giants.
But the Norse themselves tend to work more with the Aesir not the Jotun directly too much, who are seen as forces for destruction, with the exception of Loki.


You can work with Surtr and other Norse entities the same way, there’s no special way to contact him besides general evocation.

You can chant his name as galdr to evoke him, you can draw a bindrune of his name, or use seidr to enter trance and speak with him, or a combination of the three.


Where does this popularity of Sorath come from?

I know a spirit of that name from a rather obscure and relatively unknown text of Geomancy in my tradition from the 17th Century, but he is far from demonic. As far as I’ve seen, that is the earliest mention of that name, as I couldn’t find him in Three Books of Occult Philosophy.

If this Sorath is the same as the Sorath you refer to, one might say a deity like Sunna is a better equivalent. But I’d like to know where that Sorath that you mention comes from?

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You can try the books by Raven Kaldera, on Amazon. They write about the Norse deities and beings.
See if that’s up your alley. Not everyone likes them, I am neutral on this.

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I’m not sure, it’s possible the info I posted is the originating opinion.

To clarify, the info in E.A. Koetting’s live ritual video I mention below, and his Viking course make this association, and it’s the first time I heard of it myself, but I don’t remember if he said why.

For this part:

That is included at the beginning of the Anthology entry. But this entry doesn’t talk about Surtr.


Very interesting. Thanks for that! Perhaps this is meant to be the Sorath from the text mentioned previously in that case (which is quite interesting). Thought it might have been a separate spirit E.A found or something similar.


A bit more…

And he used symbols for Sorath (sun?) by Agrippa and Steiner. So the works of Agrippa might be a source as well.


Well, looking into Rudolf Steiner, it seems he actually is talking about Sorath from the Geomantic Text I mentioned. This is very strange. He may have mistaken “Daemon” for being the same as “Demon”.

In that case, as to Sorath being Surtr, I would say there is more to point to that if Surtr is the very spirit of the Sun (Although, in the Poetic Edda, while the Sun is described as a Spark from Muspelheim, Surtr is not the Sun, and rather Sunna is as the Sun in a spiritual sense, but I also wouldn’t say she is the spirit of the Sun).

That is assuming that Sorath is the spirit of the Sun. He is implied to be, but I get the impression that the Geomantic Spirits are closer to the material world than the Planetary Spirits. Or at least they are not the same.

In any case, some may get the impression that Surtr is Sorath because the very nature of the Sun is linked to Muspelheim in the Poetic Edda.

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Yeah I would have to read up on it. He (Steiner) has a whole book on Ahriman being his name for the antichrist in the sense of wanting to bring chaos, and calls him “worse than Satan”, so something isn’t adding up there.

Yes I agree. I think it goes into the antichrist direction and takes Sorath as the “Black Sun”, which was a theme in E.A. Koetting’s work. I think Connor has posted about it here, and we’ve had a few discussions trying to figure out what it is exactly.

Still not sure why Surtr would be a black sun, or any sun as you say. I do think Muspelheim transcends Earth, to represent that yang fire element in the universe… but I’ve also wondered if Midgard also wasn’t just Earth, though used that way in myth it could also represent the physical realm for all worlds.

This is the channeled gnosis in E.A.s video, which I wrote down once:

Sorath Channeled Gnosis from Koetting vid 2014

I am the light, that is the light, within all things.
Not the light itself, which is seen, but the light that lights the way for that which is seen.
Take your scepter, take your throne, for none other shall give it to you.
I ask not, that others should praise me, I ask not that they worship me, yet they do, they do, becasue I give light and life to man.
It is I who give glory to the gods by the very association with me, by my light which shines upon them.

Become the light that is the light within all things, at all times in all places, in all that you do, and in all that you do not do.
By your very being, be, the unmoving center around which all others move. Seek not to become me, seek to become you, your own sun, not black nor yellow, nor white inside, but colours all your own, and you, shall transcend the spectrum.

In the season of violet, be you violet light, and in the season of crimson, be you crimson light, and in the season of gold, be you golden light, but know, that you are none of these.

Allow the light that is seen to be seen as beautiful to all who see it, even as the golden rays of the sun. now that there is a black sphere within, concealed in your blinding light, yet also know that you are not the black sun either, as this only conceals the hidden god within his secret chamber.

Keep the chamber secret, and the hidden god will reign in the heavens endlessly.
Others will be compelled to unite with you, to fly towards you, to be taken into your burning core, although they can feel your heat, and they know, that it will devour them.
They will seek for you to devour them, they will be compelled to immolate themselves before you.
Be not compelled by anything whatsoever. You are the one that compels, not the one that is compelled.

If you ask them to come they will flee, if you tell them to flee they may come or they may flee or they may do nothing at all. For why should they concern themselves for you, one who asks?
Become light that is the light within all things, and all things will know, their home is within you. And they will know that there is no other path that will not lead to you.

In all that you do, create beautiful things, or shine light on that which is beautiful.
Beauty is the only truth.
Your rise must be slow and gradual, for if you appear in the heavens as thought it were noon, or in the twinkling of an eye, all men would consider you to be their enemy.
Yet, if you appear, bit by bit, and if you bring bounty and light and warmth and good things to others, and if you bring desolation and heat and strife to them, they will learn not only to acknowledge your constant presence, but they will learn to depend upon it.

I am the all, and you, are the all. The dynamic, uncontrollable aspect of the sun: this is not what you wish to possess. Indeed, that aspect is that which is fleeting, and I, I reign forever in the sky, my days are not numbered by any number calculable to man.

I do not force others to partake in my gifts, to enjoy them, and to praise me for them. I simply give my gifts. I give my gifts as well as my curses, I give my blessings as well as desolation to all men, whether they love me or hate me.
I give and give, and those who are burned or those who my light unveils will curse my name, willscorn me. Those who accept and receive my bounty will praise me.

None of these matter at all to me for I simply give, I give, forever and ever.
I am all of the sun that you can comprehend at this point. My doors are open, for you still seek answers and you still seek the way of domination.
Release and become, the sun, and give your blessings and your curses, and all of who you are, to the world, over and over, forever and ever.
Never rising more slowly or setting more early because some may curse you or because some might bless you.

My power is not in my burning, nor in the radiation that I cast into black space. My power is not in the action of my light with the trees of your Earth and the plants thereof.
My power is that all men know, whether they love me or they hate me, that I am here, and that I will give them all of myself, and none can deny, that each day, day after day, forever and ever, that I, am god here.

This looks like a sun deity, while the view of a historian placed Surtr as an underworld volcanic deity (from the website I linked before) , so you still have this, Sunna is the sun, Surtr is the cthonic fire complement or black sun idea going on, and maybe that’s where the link is made.


But I’m not sure where that reflects in Sorath vs… who… not sure. Since the Christian’s didn’t do sun deities or any other deity than the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost, and even the feminine was relegated to a saint, and the antichrist isn’t a deity, that’s Steiner bringing back Zoroastrian ideas.


Definitely sounds like one of those odd cases of occultists. I can see why he would mistake Sorath as a Demon, but it would be a very “rookie” mistake, and it’s also very strange that he would have focused on this particular rather obscure and unknown text.

Thanks a lot for that transcription of the video from E.A! Definitely sounds like the Spirit of the Sun, but I still feel in my heart that Sorath is not Sol (I mean the Spirit of the Sun, not the God Sol). I feel the same about the rest of the Geomantic Spirits, but can accept that they are the spirits of the planets. They go by many names, but it’s simply a hunch for me.

In any case, there’s no doubt Sorath is linked to the Sun, and in that Geomantic Text he is spoken of as the Sun, but it seems the author arrived at these names by personal experience as I haven’t found these named mentioned in earlier sources to far.

I think you’re right. It may have been a mistake in understanding from Rudolf Steiner or him simply wishing to find something to link with his ideas (Possibly quite a bit of both). But I have not read his works, but they certainly sound quite “wild”.

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OP here are some sources that might help:

Here is some music and chants to meddate on or connect you to his energy:

Connecting to him is as simple as medidating on him or invoking/evoking him. He came to me and we worked from there.he is an excellent deity for protection and fighting off illness. He is very powerful imo and can really help a magician in life.after working with him I rarely have anything pass my defenses


Wanted to come back with something more in depth. There’s not necessarily a "correct’ way to work with or worship Surtr, it depends if you want to jump on the new age bandwagon or if you want to go into a more historical context, but even historical records are limited to what is generally written in stories and poems.

Traditionally for Norse entities you make a blót. Essentially it’s just an altar that you give sacrifice to, usually alcohol and food. The word means “blood” and tus you can expect that originally blood sacrifices were given, such as goats and other animals. While you can have any altar you want, traditionally a hǫrgar could be used, which is a circle or spiral of stones in which you would bleed an animal. Another, more personal altar was called a stallr which was supposedly a shelf or table where one would place wooden carvings of the gods. There’s no right way to make a Norse-based altar, really, but wanted to add these in case you wanted them.

The Landnámabók says there was a poem written about Surtr (a drápa). Unfortunately after reading through it, the poem mentioned is not actually written anywhere. Poetry and writing are always valid forms of offerings to the Norse gods and beings (an “god” is a very loose term for Norse beings).

Surtr is considered a harbinger of destruction due to his role at Ragnarok. As a Thurs he is also considered by some a primordial entity of fire, and often associated with volcanoes specifically, not just fire. I’ve heard and seen a few heathen accounts of Surtr being a very protective entity. In my own UPG, I don’t just see him as an entity of fire and brimstone as a form of destruction, but as a needed yet tumultuous forest fire that burns everything to ashes so that new things can grow. I find it an excellent foil to Freyr’s own aspect of death and nature.


Thank you @KingCat i will check it out in amazon.

The reason why i was got interested in Surtur is i ve been targeted by magick practitioner of Hindu pantheon, who throws curses/hexes periodically out of envy and jealousy. So far i used GoM methods and protected my self and my family. But keep on had to repeat destroy curse rituals and protection rituals three times a day sometimes. Of course they do work, but i wanted something where i invoke a deity/god/goddess and they protect me and my family 24/7.

Thats when saw about Surtur but was with little info. Now as with as this resources available, I will plan and start with Surtur.


I can give you a personal layout written in my notes on how I contacted Surt myself here’s the layout and yes it was successful.

Summoning Of Surtr.

Items Required.

  1. Five red candles
  2. Five orange candles
  3. Carving tool/knife
  4. Lancet for bloodletting
  5. Heatproof bowl
  6. Ethanol or Isopropyl Alcohol
  7. Standard bowl
  8. Offering of fire herbal concoction
  9. Charcoal disk
  10. Incense burner
  11. Fire Associated Oil - Dragons Blood, Cinnamon, Copal, Sunflower etc
  12. Sigil of surtr

Begin first by taking the red candles and carving into them any elemental symbol for fire it can be traditional witchcraft symbols for that particular element or a platonic solid even. I’d recommend colouring this in orange do this on each red candle once done anoint these in one or more fire associated oils.

Now with the orange candles I’d recommend carving into them the rune of Sowlio, also colouring them too and then anointing them in the same oils. I personally went the extra mile and made each candle with fire aligned and solar associated herbs in them, to add that extra required energy to make the energetic environment more appropriate.

Once done place these candles all around you in a circle, in the order of red, orange, red, orange, red and orange etc. As you light each wick feel that as the flames rise they release the energies of fire and solar into the environment. (I personally gazed into the symbols like sigils and opened them, charging each candle with the energy and consecrating each one beforehand).

Enter into the circle and sit/kneel and place in front of you at eye level the heatproof bowl of alcohol, gather your herbs, incense and flowers associated with Surtr, with fire and with the sun. Mix them together and even bathe them in the oils you have left over, get your hands in there and mix them thoroughly. Once done using the lancet offer some of your blood therein, empowering the elements and energies contained therein.

Hold your right hand over it and speak the following the consecration.

“By the power of fire, by the grace of the sun and in the name of Surtr I consecrate this concoction before me. I activate the dormant potential contained in each sacred ingredient, may the sacred fiery essence contained herein be unleashed. I cause the fiery enchantment to ignite and I consecrate thee”.

Once visualise the concoction inflamed by astral and energetic fire, sense the heat, feel the power contained therein starts to become somewhat overwhelming gaining a solidification and more apparent presence. Grab a handful of these herbs and put them in the bowl of Isopropyl alcohol, ignite the charcoal disk and add a sprinkle of that herbal almost incense-like concoction onto the charcoal disk once its fully heated up. As the smoke trickles throughout the environment close your eyes for a moment.

Sense that the energy from the circle and the energy be introduced into the environment connect with these energies. Visualise spiritual particles all around ablaze and on fire, millions of them and breathe in deeply pulling that fire into you through an inhalation as you exhale deeply vibrate the mantra RAMM. Keep repeating this over and over visualising the spiritual fire erupting from your solar plexus, circumvent this astral/energetic fire throughout your whole being. As you do this breathe in the external fire all around you and breathe out your internal fire. You do this essentially until all your chakras, your nadis, your subtle bodies are ablaze with this spiritual fire.

Visualise even your aura is on fire, until you are a singular eternal flame, you and the environment at this point are intune with this fire and solar energies. As you do this grab the sigil of surtr and gaze into it and open it, as you hold it breathe the fire within you through both arms, out of both hands and into the sigil visualise the inked lines of the sigil glowing with fire, like a burning brand. As you do this you can offer blood onto it to charge it even moreso, at this point light the alcohol before you. If you’ve opened the sigil correctly when you close your eyes every now and then you should see a visual outline of the sigil so if you look into the flames.

It’s as if it’s three-dimensionally projected into the fire, although you’re eyes may only see it temporarily envision the astral burning sigil in the fire and vibrate


After which sense all the fire/solar energy all around you being funneled into the flame and visualise that energy begins accumulating and recite the summoning conjuration below.

“Surtr Lord Of The Black Beaches,
Jötunn Of Fire, Ruler Of Muspelheim.
Wielder Of The Flaming Sword Hear Me.
I Summon And Call You Forth To Arise,
Surtr, Surt, Surtur, I And The World Are
Inflamed In You’re Coming.
I Seek Communion With Thee, Lord Of
Flame, Fire & Embers, Herald Of Ash
& Waste, Come, Surtr Come, Surt Come”.

At this point for me personally I projected that internal fire as ray from my third eye, gaining a fiery connection of communion into the fire wherein a huge fiery monstrous face appeared. All the fiery energy was funneled into him and solidified his manifestation, even after the flames extinguished he was present all around me as a whirlwind of fire and sparks, which carried the jötunn’s voice.


Well Surtur is excellent for protection from my experience. His protection is mostly bullet proof (not literally) as well.


Thank you @C.Kendall for the detailed procedure it will be useful for me and other beginners.