In trouble with Lucifer

@goldcoins Your problem IS Solomnic Evocation. It’s obvious why Lucifer is mad at you. I would say you are beyond help. It is your attitude and beliefs that doom you.


Hi again

You said in a previous post you said to Lucifer you love him, but from the things you have said this doesn’t hold true.

These beings are 1 million percent more powerful, clever, gifted, telepathic and all the rest of it. Do you think you can tell any entity you love them and they won’t know the TRUTH.

Also you mentioned Lucifer said your pact/demands where to much, what did you ask for that he would say this?

Don’t just do as I say as I’m telling you I’m a beginner but maybe cut down your demands to something more reasonable and realistic.

Your starting to get me worried about contacting entities but your case does seem a rare one.



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Lucifer aint the type to break a relationship with a practitioner for nothing, something you have done could of made him go this way if it is him but it could be a poltigiest or something masking as Lucifer like @RiseorDie mentioned, however the best thing to do is to not piss him off anymore and do a sacrifice ritual or an evocation to discuss the unsettlement, ive never had this problem with Lucifer though he’s been pretty fair with me really.

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@Einar02 I would say the exact reason why the pact broke is blatantly obvious.


well turning to saint micheal aint going to make him happy or work really, i think its just disrespect somewhere down the line that caused it, but in a biblical sense aint st Christopher the one for protection

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Yes it could easily be something posing as Lucifer.

This is why I said don’t follow what I say I’m just a beginner here. I try to help some people on here that have had bad experiences but really it’s the blind leading the blind.

You guys are experienced magicians yet this guy just ain’t listening. I guess his destiny is in his own hands.


I’m starting to think this spirit posing as Lucifer might be one of your… less pleasant… ancestors…

Maybe ask your older living family members if any of them remember any creepy assholes in the family who might have passed (no offense intended - I’m pretty sure every family has that ONE person… :unamused: ) as it might have been them who has slipped through and is fucking with you…?

Maybe check that avenue as what you are describing does NOT sound like Lucifer at all…


What was it you asked him to do for you?

If he says it’s ‘too much you’re asking for’ maybe he meant that it’s too much for you to handle at the moment given where you are in your ascent and your level of magickal skill and what he means is that if he does what you ask him to then it would be akin to killing you and he’s trying to get you to understand this and reconsider the path you’ve chosen (for now)…?

Many times when people think ‘Ascent’ they imagine it as a linear path that moves upwards… which is kinda right but kinda not - it’s more like a seed - first you should go down within and establish a good set of strong ‘roots’ which is very important - especially if you plan on channeling/speaking to spirits as it’s wise to be able to tell the difference between the voices in your head and to maintain a certain level of sanity. I have heard of many clairaudients who have ended up in mental hospitals thinking they are crazy when really it’s because they can’t get a grip on the voices in their heads and they end up in the schizo wards… Also, ‘roots’ are important to keep you grounded - which is especially necessary when dealing with strong currents of energy flows… But I digress…

OR, it could also be that he is letting you know that if you want to go down whatever path you have chosen then it will result in the ‘death’ of your EGO and not your Literal (physical) Self…?

PM me if you want and we can chat some more and try to get to the bottom of this…



Hmm i dont think they get angey their are many practitionares who whip the demons into their will with solomonic lucifer included , its not what i asked that got him angry its probably the many times i contacted him failing to recognize him right away or maybe because i asked him in a note book i was going to evoke adam and ask him for prosper
And wtote down some stuff about mary magdalene
Jesus christ, emmanoul , i think i asked him to help me get ahold of emmonoul so that i can ask him to shapeshift me, i asked him for mental healing and wealth of 150 million dollars, help with improvements of life , evocation, summon him more powerfully, in return i told him ill hike the entire length of the amazon rainforest , prosper first payment second he denied it and so did 72 goetiec demons, and some loa , i asked fallen spirit of death and fallen spirit of hades and i didnt get response , but what tricks me is that lucifer stabs me in my dreams, threatens me, fights me, posseses me , gives me painful experience etc but then gives dreams of beezelbub offering pact, baron samedi chatting with me, just yesterday beelzebub entered dream asked me to drop a request i said yeah then asked for a fresh avacado sliced into thin slices, and another spirit is asking for cold ice water.
But The spirit lucifer stabbed me and they give me all these dream which ive already had in the past.

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I got that ritial from hougan Fouchet Nan pwen

The tales of saints bending demons to their will is, at least i believe, nothing more than spiritual propaganda. Did they talk to these spirits, more than likely, but when you want to make your messiah mightier than another you have to twist the tale a tiny bit.

No demon likes being threatened in the name of other spirits, and no spirit, well alone Lucifer the very embodiment of self-deification and rebellion against authority, is going to be bent to anyone’s will. @thestorm is 100% right, your method is the issue here. Put the dogma aside for a bit, use only the sigil of lucifer and call upon him. Contrary to the stories you most likely heard, Lucifer is a very understanding spirit. Evoke him and apologize and see how to mend that relationship and you should be fine.

Use this method and this method only for now.

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Ok, but these methods are from the bible, arent they ? If thet arent but then people use it to success and come into contact with demonic spirits, in including Lucifer. Then they have to and i dont know if itlk make sense but to a certain degree they know their own what theyve done and accomplished and who the real big dog is if its Lucifer then its lucifer if its jesus then its jesus it could be hekate or the creator god of the mayan tribe who knows all we know is we call on the fallen angel Lucifer from the bible and not from roman god times

Ive sent apology a few times in fear begging forgive ness if i had recieved even the smallest ok i would have not been worried, it always tge same answer go get a cop car and blast everyone ,capital murder
High speed chase with cops, told me go to a swamp, sign a pact with an evil spirit etc or hide and pray.

Alright let me clear this up for you “Cough”


now with that said, a lot of the stuff in the Bible is correct in a sense Christians decided after they conquered a nation they had the need to demonize the God.

I can but up multiple “Demons” that were once gods to people.

You wanna know who the big dog is? You and your will, as long as you are careful and respectful no Angel, Demon, or any other type of spirit will hurt you. (Or even care enough most of the time.)


Call lucifer in your name. You don’t need to use another spirit, you are a God, we all are.
And if you’re getting messages like that, I nearly guarantee it’s not lucifer. What sigil did you use? I’m curios

Standard sigil, the one for satan , and his enn
Yeah they are gods from the past but where did that name we call on come from almost 100% it was from the bible, as for parasite i dont think you understand God and his holy ways. What makes you compare him to a parasitic greedy worm?

alright, back in front of a computer :slight_smile:

man has been speaking to spirits since before we could paint on cave walls. the reason the solomonic practices work with evocation is the reason all systems and personal practices does. all you need for a successful evocation is the right mindset and intent. once those two main things are accomplished the ritual can be anywhere from golden dawn levels of complicated and fancy tools. To the method I posted earlier which i occasionally use while at work if I need to.

just covering this right now. the real big dog is you. like i said, you are a god in a meat suit. we all are, embrace that fact and take your birthright.

As far as i know the fallen angel aspect is just a mask of lucifer. who is much older than even the romans. I feel that spirits go through changes depending on the time and the culture. Look at the story of thoth and hermes trismegistus.

As @RiseorDie said. Treat the spirit with respect and you won’t have any issues.

and if you keep the mind set of demons being evil and thus need to be bound by other spirits, then there’s going to be more issues. think of it this way. You call a friend over to your house to help you with something, If you ask him respectfully and as a friend he’s going to help. If however, upon entering the door he’s wrestled to the ground by other people and told “you’re going to help” then he’s going to be quit pissed off.

this statement alone makes me think it’s not lucifer. for starters, if you pissed lucifer off to the point where he wants you dead (a larger task to accomplish to be honest, he doesn’t anger easily) then he wouldn’t need to convince you to off yourself by cop. You would have been snuffed out already. Second, outside of when I called upon him to assist in curses, he has never told me outright to harm another unless I was wronged first.

apologize for the wall of text, but had to list those things. The real advice is, if this is lucifer, evoke him again and make an offering. If it’s not lucifer, then you need to banish the imposture.
cheers :beer:


I think that those people who talled to the spirits before working systmes , where visited and not summoned the spirits and honestly i think a spirit cannot take a life without some sort of permission from either the superior or the person involved through oaths and etc. But why do they come when called by threat from god names.?
If it is lucifer there alot you wouldnt even believe he would give , also dont he accept baby dacrifices from ninth circle satanist

slightly different, you can offer anything you want really.
the reason they show up when used with threatening terms is you technically bring them forth before hand, again all that is needed is mind set and intent. the trance state and the will to summon the being.

but you were given the options to rectify this from both this thread and the one from October. So best of luck

cheers :beer:

Wouldnt he calm me down if he wasnt going to stab me ? Or does he enjoy messing with me?