In trouble with lucifer need urgent and immediate assistance

Hey there my name is robert and i did a ritual to call lucifer now im in trouble and he says he wants to kill me can anyone please help me


Probably just a lesser spirit trying to scare you. Unless you approached Lucifer with horrible prejudices against him. Lucifer is very friendly, so this is out of character for him.

Whatever the case, do a banishment ritual, and you’ll be fine.


Probably not lucifer unless you rode up like "fuck you and everything you stand for. Also I will summarily be killing everyone and everything you hold dear in the name of Jesus Christ. Edit: if you did do that then I completely and utterly distance myself from you and I hope you at least have a quick death😅


It’s this section that may hold the key to the mystery.

How did you get in trouble between the “call Lucifer” and death threat stages?


No its him im sure of it i think he got annoyed with me but the main point is a banishing ritual isnt enough i need to call an archangel but i dont kmow how and i have zero money

How are you sure

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Explanations and details will help pls. :smiley:

He came to me and appeared in three dreams and he yelled at me twice. Im sure lucifers friendly but i must have angered him in a way and im in the end of my ropes here can someone help me

Had you summoned him prior to these dreams?

Yes i bought oil lamp ritual and committed to it for a 30 day period , a demon called green machine came through and i think Lucifer put him charge of messing with me he wasnt angry at first but then things changed and im sure its him , he looks like a tall male with wings appears within the color purple and black

Worst possible thing you could do. Very possibly the exact attitude that got you into trouble.


Right on time. :wink:

@goldcoins If it’s really Lucifer my advice is simple. Get on your knees, and beg. Repent. Beg for forgiveness. The Fallen tend to be relatively understanding. If it is really Lucifer appealing to his sense of mercy is probably the best course. You cannot fight him. If it is truly Lucifer, then he is the only one who can save you.

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To be fair, they might resent him even more for groveling before them like that, if he really is dealing with the ancient ones.


With a lot of the Spirits I work with. The grimoires give me a distinct impression they love grovelling. I might be reading it wrong, and it might be different for others, but that’s my experience.

I wrote down a few things and it must have angered him im not trolling i fucking promise you , i really scared. I think he became angry wiyh me because i kept calling him and making silly request, i thought he not shown up so i kept at it, i dont know what to do ive tried everything im calling the archangel s for protection but they seem to never come when needed

I can only speak from my own experience. The Demonic Kings and Grand Dukes I am close to said to me numerous times to stop worrying so much about angering or pleasing them. To stop putting them on a pedestal and treat them as equals. As friends. Because we’re not really different.

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Why don’t you try respectfully apologizing to them, if you’re convinced that it’s Lucifer?

Calling on the archangel really isn’t a wise choice, imo. Angels are far weaker than what people call “demons,” which are really ancient pagan gods. You’ll just make things worse.

ps. Take what I say with a grain of salt, because I could be biased due to findings and experiences.


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I have apoligized and will continue to apologize ,
I know its never wise to go head to head with any spirit but the archangel sa re there to protect us