In Regards To Raum

This just occurred to me, so if One is evoking Raum to utilize powers of causing a close friend to have romantic feelings for you. Is it possible that said friend already does feel this way but is cautious about perusing anything for whatever reason? If so what other options could one take?

Are you sure the friend has feelings? If so, and they’re afraid to act on them, maybe ask Dantalion to give them that mental and emotional push they need to act.

If not, then maybe work with Raum as planned, however I’m sure Dantalion can still help as well.


Thank you :slight_smile:

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Use your words and ask them out?

Scary I know. But personally, I can have all the feels and I will suppress all of them if I think it’s unrequited. Someone has to break the stalemate - and that someone is you.

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I’ll try but it’s really difficult, there’s this weird energy in play I’m usually really good at these things but this is different I’m scared of severing that connection and I think she is too