In Regards of Lord Wytch Queen Hekate

Hi Everyone! So I didn’t really want to create a new thread…but basically…I heard that Lord Hekate doesn’t give a fuck about physical offerings, I also heard other things…


Everyone I’ve ever talked to has said she’s not a really physical being. Evidently, debts are paid by periods of hardship, acts of fidelity, or discipleship. I’ve also offered physical things before and she didn’t seem to respond much.

Not my favorite of the deities anyway, honestly. Her social media communities are some of the most toxic behaved people I’ve dealt with, as well.


What you’re doing does mean something to her. I know.

She likes coffee. And when you put your blood her sigil, she liked it.


What makes you say that?

Because I drink :beer: and I know things.

Coffee is a big favorite of hers. And candles. She likes incense too.


I’m seeking the truth about Hekate

…this Information about Hekate…I find disturbing…

Agreed. I was always skeptical of how many LHP people lump her in with the Qliphoth and beings therein.

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I can’t summon her…she’ll block all of my witchcrafts and Sorcereries, and she’ll block me from contacting other entities

I know how to approach Entities of personal gain, because their personal gain is the first thing I acknowledge while and prior to approaching them

By the way…I did read your reply was a bit too disturbed to think to respond

I read your reply as well, I was too disturbed to say anything

I’ve been trying to help you, like most people here have been.

I promise you she sees and hears way more than you think.

You can’t act like a child and pitch a fit just because you aren’t getting your way as fast as you want it. It takes a good while to build up a relationship with any spirit/deity and a lot of patience.

Look at my Ganesha work. Some days are great with great experiences and some days nothing. But you still put in the work and do the time.

Hekate can be a fierce protector and loving goddess but you have to do the work and prove you can be a team player. It takes two to tango the spirit and the magician. She doesn’t owe you anything. If you want to have a good relationship and bond with her then work for it.

You were on the right path by reaching out to her and trying to communicate , the sigils and anointing them. She was paying attention but you can blow it .


Right now I really don’t give a fuck about my personal needs in regards to Lord Hekate

I really don’t give a fuck about my own intentions, or what I want…I don’t really want anything from Hekate, I would never say she owes me anything…when I’m approaching her or any other spirit, I try to remain as humble as possible, I’m not demanding, I don’t command them, I don’t intentionally disrespect them…All of the issues I’m expressing are not because of my experience with her, I don’t have any complaints about her, the ONLY concerns I’m expressing are soley and entirely based on the Legion of lilith videos I linked…

Thank You…I’ve been listening

I’ll take your word for it…

Ugh…I don’t really have a “way” regards of Hekate…I don’t really like to project my personal desires and wants on Hekate…

Then why do you go on these rants. Honestly, it’s not impressive.

Just do the work and document each days experience the exciting stuff and the boring stuff. When you look back you’ll see there was more there than you thought.

I’ve done things and thought there were no results at all, just to see it manifest months or years later.

Magick takes a lot of work, dedication and practice and the majority of people in the world don’t have what it takes to be great or even good magicians. (Regardless of what their puffed up ego says)


Don’t get me wrong I’m NOT angry, Sorry if I give off that impression…I’ve been gazing into her sigils…but I’m just now telling you guys this…

Also, Yes I would love to encounter her…BUT I enjoy the devotional actions…I like the idea of being submissive to her…I also take pride in it…

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