In physical danger I need help from minds that aren't my own

so i have this bag packed because scouts “be prepared”
and its for if anything ever happened

and one of my parents was like i had a dream you packed this bag and left

and i did.
my sibling said if im outed as trans id get kicked out
also im coming across the 7th notepad which ever since the 4th one (i keep a diary of sorts in them) and im near the end of the notepad and im scared. im scared ive seen so many signs of dying before i get out

i heard a hospital beep in class
i felt sad and like i had to leave something behind
and im trying to finish this song before i finish the notepad but i lost my p hone with all the recordings on it

ill be putting up protection but i don’t feel like i can rely on just my mind. is anyone willing to help in any way?

14/11/2019 i came pretty close to danger
from what i remember it happens every six months ish

im sorry i can’t think right now cause im shaking from more then just the cold

update: "text reads “this is not the end”

im also writing a book. and im at a point where its stopped. what i write usually happens or happened recently (predicted blm)
i do have things after it…
i want to be on that path

he’s threatened me with pretty bad things before but i don’t have proof
we did have the police come around once but i think that was a different day
i don’t have anywhere to go everyone moved out of town
i do have a way out (it would be by plane)

If you are in physical danger you should call the police. You don’t need proof, you need to make a police report of verbal abuse and threats so it’s in the record.

Divination and prophecy only give you a snapshot of what could happen at the moment the reading happens - circumstances can change that before the event occurs. This means, if you’re not careful you can cause an event to occur by calling it yourself because you worry about it so much, rather than it happening on it’s own - in this case you don’t want that, so start using your mind to deny it rather than call it.

“Death” can also be a change in personality or a letting go of some energy that does not serve you, which is a good thing usually. Seeing this coming could also bring a period of grief fro what went before.


I’ve already had the police come around and they said i could call but i feel like i shouldn’t unless things escalate.
he actually had a dream of me running away with the bag i packed…



Tell me 3 good reasons why you should go, then tell me how, then tell me what will happen if you stay.

Then tell me why you doubt why you shouldn’t.

Think long and hard on this before you answer and you will know what to do next.


If i was gone i wouldn’t be waiting for danger.
i could start living.
it seems to get worse

i was gonna leave on the plane (small town) if he psychically punched me
and i guess if i stayed it could get worse

i feel i shouldn’t cause im a minor and it’s not clear if i can actually go to the place my brother was talking about.

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If you haven’t figured out your answer yet I seriously recommend you consider again why you are doing or not doing something.

Also if you can answer the questions you brought up, of is being a minor important and can you determine if stay is possible.

Lastly, since my impression is you are still in doubt and not entirely for these reasons you mentioned. Then I have final remarks for you

Are you certain you will be kicked out for being known as trans?

If your intention is to run without finding that out first by physically telling them. Then you havent accepted yourself yet and you will constantly live in doubt of everything you do.

If you are feeling like you are ready to run to save yourself so you can be yourself, then you better get used to confronting life and handling it.

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