In occult How many times should one try before giving up something?

I don’t want to get stuck trying something which won’t work any way. But can’t figure out when to give it up? For example it took E.A about three years to get first experience of out of body experience. In some techniques/meditation one can measure, feel progress in real time. But in most techniques it is not possible and that is where the problem lies for me? Any idea guys?


“Quitters never win, winners never quit.”


Try something totally different, once you discover the thing you are strongest with, your other abilities will improve along with it.

Maybe study hoodoo or something tangible?


Believe me, there are millions of losers out there with that moto, who give 100% in everything they do. There are other factors also in success. Choosing the right path being one of them.


PS by tangible I mean using tools, like planetary talismans.


Hmmm, may be that’s why occult will never be as legit as science. It is just too much subjective! Or may be that’s where guru/guide comes in to show the right path, help, encourage in the way.

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You could try making teas that will promote OBE


What? Are you nuts?

what’s wrong?

That’s my philosophy when it comes to drinking.


Making tea, that also to promote OBE? Really?

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If something doesn’t feel like it’s working the way you want it, you can always choose to go back to it later after you get good at things you ARE good at.

Or, you can just assume that you’re a god, you can make things work for you eventually.

You have unlimited potential.


One of them is called a dissociative. Another herb can promote lucid dreaming.


Oh, sorry for the 'nuts’comment. Didn’t know about it. Plz give some more info, link about it.

Should be more info on the search function. No worries.

As long as it is not realized, it is meaningless. Time is important brother. That’s why some succeeds in occult and some spends a life time just to master one thing/technique. Time isn’t generous to the later type!

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As stated above.

If that one practice strengthens your weaker areas then there is overall improvement. This is why some systems have exercises that blend multiple techniques.

For example within black magick of ahriman the exercise “peering into drugaskan” involves strengthening concentration, tuning, expanding and cycling energies in the energy body, altering perceptions beyond the physical, manipulation and absorption of external energy and silencing the mind.

The golden dawn exercise with the complete lbrp and hexagram counterparts and middle pillar are another set which incorporates alot of these same traits with a wider range of energies between elemental and planetary.


Not really, it took ages to recognise humans have different blood groups, now we’re honing in on different genetics and also gut & skin biome, and antibodies, all of these are variables that can affect whether a simple medication like an antibiotic will work or not for a sick person.

But before people knew the variables, the answer to why one patient thrives and recovers, another gets every unpleasant side effect but also recovers, and a third gets worse or even dies, with the same illness and the same treatment, was mostly “don’t know.”

Any medication, from restricted stuff like morphine to over-the-counter allergy pills, will warn that the medication MAY affect you certain ways, no-one really knows exactly what array of effects it will have on different individuals, they just hope fixing the problem is at the top of the list. :wink:

Some quick top-of-the-head variables in magick:

  • planetary influences (birth chart etc, also at time of the working)
  • spiritual inheritance (past lives or whatever)
  • ancestral/genetic inheritance
  • influences of the location and local spirits
  • state of person’s mind, like lust for results, doubts, fears, limiting beliefs, confidence levels, charisma, how much spirits like them
  • aaaaand, all the above also influencing every person the working touches.

And that’s far from a complete list!


You’re correct for sure, plenty of losers out there that don’t quit. I didnt have time earlier to respond more than what I did. If you’re considering “giving up” you will never succeed, it’s simple, but true as well. You yourself stated it took E.A. three years, that’s a significant investment of time and energy.

@Kassapu gave some advice regarding herbs, I cant think of many off the top of my head other than mugwort. Look up flying ointments but be careful of the recipes, alot of the older ones .add use of herbs that were toxic, to the point of being deadly if taken or used in the wrong dosages.

Me personally, I’m still working on it, and no where near with the dedication I should be. Herbs/drugs are a short cut, but sometimes they work. The closest I came to an OBE was eating mushrooms, after I had put in some work already without drugs, meditation, breathing, visualization etc, The benefit for me, was I got close, I felt the feeling of what others have written about, in terms of your body feeling heavy, pressing against your skin from the inside, etc.

Most may dismiss it as simple drug use, but I’ve ate alot of mushrooms over the years, typical dose for me was a quarter ounce. I ate less than half that amount, had no affects on my vision at those doses, which for me is common at the doses I’m used to taking. Point I’m trying to make, is while I didnt succeed, I helped myself to learn what it’s like, for me, being close. I finally experienced it. I now know what to expect, at least up until the point I reached, and I believe it will be easier to replicate those results for me, without drug use, because I know now what I’m looking for.

Plenty of good advice in your thread here for you, but I stand by the quote I shared. If you’re willing to give up, you will never succeed.


If I do something and it doesn’t produce the expected results, and from study and research I know it works… then I go back and examine the way I did it. Each step, each part and smallest detail… until I find the reason or the cause and see change happens repeatedly to confirm my conclusion.

It’s possible that even by using the same proven techniques, that results are delayed or blocked for unknown reason to me. In this case there are two options : give up or give more. The choice depends on how much I want that result.

Magick is not an exact science, but that doesn’t mean - in my opinion - we shouldn’t use the scientific method of work and thinking when dealing with magick. The problem is that we’re using and interacting with unseen forces, spiritual or nonphysical elements that can’t be measured by any tools we know of yet. So we have to use our own personal judgment, even if it’s wrong sometimes. There are no absolute guarantees in life in general. Even with science.

I would suggest to test your techniques on the smallest or easiest goals you could have. That’s what science does to test any theory or idea. Once it’s proven to work… you can use it on your main goals knowing that it will work no matter what. Because you experienced its effectiveness and success too many times to doubt it at this point.

When you’re starting to do something for the first time, I suggest that you focus on the core principles that should make it work with as less details as possible. One of the reasons of failure is distraction and wasting energy on too many levels without mastering the main system first. Keep it extremely simple as much as you can, at first. Later on, you can expand your abilities and your techniques to cover different layers and dimensions to add more power to your skills.