In need of help

Hey guys,
I have to admit posting this publicly is nerve wrecking. However, I’ve reached a point in my life that I need all the help I can get.

I’m going to go straight to the point… I have an entity stuck to me. I don’t feel any energy drains or experience large amounts of bad luck. They claimed to be Lucifer as well.

I obviously didn’t believe them at first being a practitioner but this is one of the most challenging experiences I’ve ever experienced.

They seek loyalty despite my uninterest in spirit work. I’ve also tested them out and noted that this indeed is not a parasite/imposter. I’ve had others do the same for me and they have agreed that it’s not of that particular nature.

I did not make a pact with this deity since I do not work with spirits.

All the witches I know who have always been willing to help have no other ways to help me through this. We’ve been at this for over 3 years now and I really appreciate their efforts and want to put more effort to find as much help as I can.

I’ve met this deity astrally and told it to leave and they don’t want to, despite me being very humble about it.

I don’t work with spirits and never will because it’s never been an area of interest. Before I joined this forum I tried so many banishing techniques that I could find and had others help me… To no avail. This entity is just too strong.

I was told that I was one of his wives in a past life by a few witches but I honestly don’t care. I’ve never contacted them nor disrespected them in any way to deserve this intense form of attachment. They’re with me all the time especially when I try a divination method it’s like they persevere and don’t go. I’ve never had parasitical symptoms ever since this entity had been around either.

I’m loyal to my values (…not working with entities) and I really want an out. If anyone know a way please direct me. I’ve searched on this platform and I’ve not found anything different to what I’ve personally tried.

I’ve been perfectly fine as a solo practitioner and I don’t want to be forced to work with any deities or entities.

Please help me find a solution, I will forever be grateful.

Kind regards,


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Identify, Objectify, Banish.


I have tried that, I mentioned it as well. Unfortunately, nothing works.


Then grounding, centering. Wards and shields. The QC/LBRP/QC done hourly, should helped with IOB, make it inhospitable for parasites.

A ward of you in a mirror suit, inside and out head to toe.
Drinking glasses placed upside down over objectified parasites.
A shield by all five elements, starting with you on the grass, roots going down and a vine suit coming up, the taken aloft by the winds like a cow in a tornado, then pushed under water, burnt in the fire, and self-resurrefcted as a phoenix.
That and an hourly LBRP.
Clean house, inside and out. Place crosses by prayed over oil on ever door, window, wall, floor and ceiling and a license to depart.

Please describe how you do a LBRP and a QC, and a shield and ward, as well as the IOB technique.

Do daily Liber Resh Vel Helios adorations to build the solar body.


I appreciate the help, most methods I’ve used are from my ancestors. When faced with parasites we normally either astral project and deal with it directly. I’m not familiar with EA koetting’s works and do not work with deities. This has caused me to be the black sheep of my family since it’s never been something of interest.

However, since a while back. I decided to learn more about modern witchcraft which is very alien to me as much as new age religions, and I guess some entities got interested in my curiosity.

I’ve already confirmed the entity and they are who they say they are. However, I’m not interested in working with them and would like a way out that doesn’t cause conflict.

In our culture Lucifer is called Were.

…However, I’ve heard his side but I’m still not comfortable with the idea of working with entities. I would like a respectful way to get out of this situation since he has henchmen/legions who can mark me and ruin my life if I do something that may not be respectful.

My family thinks I should surrender but I want to do what I want honestly… That’s why I was hoping that I would find someone who has a similar experience and can help end this issue I have with him.

I will try your method (I hope it won’t make him angry.). Except the “cross” part since the symbol is against my culture.

Thank you again for taking the time and energy to respond.


…as you should. Don’t ever surrender. There are plenty of people who have come here with the same issue, so you’re not alone. There are threads on this issue. After trying the advice @Nightside gave, please come back and update so the members here can further assist.


And introduce yourself if you havent, @Lady_Eva ?

I have.

Not to test your knowledge, but to help you where you need help doing so.

Not properly. You still have not given us anything in regards to your experience as requested.


It alright. I hope my English is understandable. I’m in a closed practice so I can’t share much… But we protect ourselves by using herbs mostly or facing it through astral travel and different rituals. It’s called “nziikinga”. I apologise from my brief explanation but I hope you understand.

They’ve always worked but this time around it’s not working in this particular entity that is called Were/Lucifer. That’s why I’m seeking new ways.


All I could share was what i could say without revealing too much about my culture. I can’t say much because it’s a closed practice. If it’s against the guidelines I’m willing to leave.


It’s okay, we will just ask you to please read our rules properly and then you’re good to go, I sent you a PM about that and you will have it in your inbox. :+1:

Okay so this seems like you are going to need to connect to the Divine (or however you conceptualise the highest power in the universe) within you. :thinking:

Does that seem like it’s on the right track?


Thank you. I will try to look into them.


I’ve tried many things of the sort. Some entities talked with him (Lucifer). I heard them as clear as day as though you would communicate to another human and he said he wouldn’t leave because he loves me. The proceeded to explain my past lives with him.

I still need an out. I really don’t want to give spirit work a try. I’ve heard good suggestions from the others and give it a try.


Hi, I’ve gone through a similar thing. You need to contact them and set clear boundaries. I understand you don’t want to work with spirits but sometimes they don’t leave if they have a good reason. They chose u. Try and be open minded it might be a new chapter for u. I’ll message u more details.


Hi! So just figured I would add my thoughts since it’s a bit different.If nothing else works, you could always try to get into contact with the church for a exorcism. Don’t believe you have to be a Christian or even believe in God. If you are not comfortable with that that is complete understandable! Just if nothing else works, I have heard from people that Exorcism has worked in some cases (not all) however it is risky and can be dangerous , like life and soul on the line dangerous and if you do consider this option I would suggest it as a last resort only. Just figured I would add my two cents, I’m sure you’d rather have as many options as possible! If needed I could provide more help on that end if you do chose that path! I’m sure you will find a way one way or another!


Thank you. I’ll for sure try what you have suggested. I never even thought of it. Thank you.

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Sorry no. I understand your intentions are good but no. I’ve already contacted the entity and I’ve understood their intentions, though I’m not interested. However, I want a respectful way to tell them I’m not interested in what they offer. I don’t want to use force. They’re Gods/Goddesses after all, force can make it get much worse.