In love with a Christian

Hey everyone! So, I’ve been into magic for a few years now, and have given up various times because of frustration. I’ve recently decided to use my time in quarantine wisely, and have started taking on magic again. My question is, I am in love with a guy that isn’t into magic at all, in fact, he’s Christian, and I really want a relationship with him. The problem is that I tried explaining magic to him a while ago and he seemed very confused. What should I do? Thanks in advance.

It depends on the nature of your relationship and how you feel about things? Do you want him to understand only or to practice with you? Where is he on his Journey and what are his beliefs?

Its really personal I think to the individual… it can be really hard when you really want someone to understand and they don’t. How did they respond? Sometimes when someone doesnt understand they may respond in various ways and even be worried sometimes. Christianity is a complete opposite world but i suppose it isnt always impossible to have a good relationship with someone. If they accept you and love you for who you are and you can get along despite your differencew and beliefs.

It depends how you two get along… especially in challenging situations.

Never ever explain him anything and enjoy your love :heartpulse::blush:

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I think this depends on the individual. I think one shouldn’t feel like they have to hide such a huge part of themselves. It doesn’t mean you don’t have to talk about it with them either.

Also communication is important. What about living together? Rituals and altars explaining that you need space? Some might want to have altars and not feel like they have to compromise their craft for anyone else. It depends what you practice also of course… not everything has to be shared. I am talking about the general concept of things.

What about symbols around the house? Occult books? There needs to be an explanation especially if they are going to church and practicing their faith and start hearing things in church and getting confused and worried. Simple books on astrology and even astral projection or meditation for some people can raise questions. It depends on the person and their Christian community/environment.


I’ll give you the conventional advice spy and police agencies give their employees about keeping healthy relationships with their SO’s: Tell him everything or tell him nothing. Don’t try and cut it anywhere in between.

What does this stand for? :thinking:

@Moonlight154 You’re right but it I think it doesn’t come with explanations. It comes naturally. My house is full of incences, candles, offerings to the demons I work and live with and my partner never needed an explanation. He just knows the time I meditate I don’t have to be bothered and that’s it. He doesn’t ask questions, neither I am explaining what am I doing. If at some point of time he feels drawn to the magic - he’ll find his own path towards it.

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I think it is totally fine to get into a relationship with him, I personally think that dating people based on their religion is limiting. If he is willing to understand about the magick you practice than sure let him read some books related to it or if not it is okay for him to not understand it completely yet accepting your path/faith. All that matters is if he accepts your path/faith, understands you, respects you and cares for you, go for it. :slight_smile: :sparkles:

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Yeah that makes sense. I think it just depends on the nature of ones relationship. Some partners aren’t interested much or bothered. Some are and want answers. It depends on the person. :blush:


I would agree. :blush::star2:


Similar boat, except my wife’s an atheist. All she knows is that I have a “spiritual practice”. One of her parents hardcore thumper later in life and that left a negative impression on her. So, I got lucky there.

She knows nothing about the evocation stuff because I keep it on the low. No standing altar and I use the same working space I use for tinkering with wood. This way, I can light up incense for “mosquito control”, which is needed, have a file in one hand and some wood project in another, and she’s none the wiser. Despite spending so much time out there, I don’t seem to get many projects done…

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@Moonlight154 yep​:blush: we’ve reached that point of mututal respect of private space in 20 years… with some minor break ups, during which I dated a Christian who was terrified and didn’t dare stating devil’s name. Also accused me that the devil had eaten my brain but his lord did not bother him stealing enormous ammount of money from me :rofl:


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In my experience this takes time. In my relationship I shared I was spiritual and nothing more. As time went on I revealed more and more of myself but through, actions, undeniable coincidences and helping others. Eventually my non believing partner came around and doesn’t really question anymore and lets me be. Which is really all I could have asked for.

You can educate in so many different ways without self sacrifice but at the end of the day, your love interest is their own person and entitled to their own beliefs and opinions. Don’t create a problem if there isn’t one, that’s how you can lose yourself.

Just do you :slight_smile: