In 2016 I had a strange experience. I became dizzy & suddenly saw only white Light which took my full sight. What was that?

Hey all.

I just remembered an incident from 2016.
One night I was just going buy a meal and while waiting in the queue I became dizzy.
It felt like not being able to stand any longer.
I shaked and suddenly only could see white Light.
The white Light took my full sight.
I could not see anything else.

After a half minute it was over, I guess, and right before falling to the ground I could sit down.
A lot of people looked at me. I got back into the
queue and bought my food, then went home.

At this time I thought it would have had to do with Chakra awakening or something related to
the Chakras, but I’m not sure.

What do you think if you have a bit of an idea?


Yeah sounds like chakra awakening/and or kundalini.

Most people think when they feel a little bliss when working on their chakras thats it they’ve got it, but when they really start to get activated or kundalini really starts going, its on another level and Kansas goes bye bye, Dorothy.

There’s a big difference in just cleansing and purifying them as opposed to awakening them to full power with kundalini energy.

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I would like to know from which Chakra it
went up that I then only saw that white Light.
It was heavy and I felt that power making me
feel dizzy. My consciousness was really compromised with my body…

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Assess the mundane before assuming it’s occult/paranormal. It literally sounds like a heat stroke lol or something similar.


It was a cool summer night.
No heat stroke possible.
Until it happened suddenly I felt totally
normal and stoned.

It was an example, but all the same this sounds like the usual jumping to occult before checking off mundane or health possibilities. Which can lead to wrong ideas and delusional thinking. This is akin to saying a headache means a spirit trying to talk to you.

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Wish I could tell ya, man.

What I can say is that once you start workin on them, the chakras will find a way to bring you back until they are all taken care of for your spiritual evolution.

It’s like once you strap yourself in, you are on this ride till its over lol.

You can slow down a bit, but you can’t really stop until the end of that work :blush:

I find it interesting that most are trying to get rid of their chakras now because they are having trouble cleansing them or awakening their genuine powers.

Instead they are throwing out the baby with the bath water in my opinion.

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I understand you but I was totally sound.
And if there was something so maybe I have forgotten it. I think critically here but I don’t know what it could be at my health of that time.

Well, the experience was quite shocking and in no way softly.

I can’t imagine how one can’t wanna have Chakras. That’s sick. I believe the Chakras are parts from where we can find magical power.
To remove them means to dismember yourself.

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I understand your reasoning.

The reason I’ve said this is because I’ve had experiences similar to this after pursuing chakra work/kundalini work and so have many occultists/meditators that I’ve read about and some I’ve even studied under.

This is all without any prior or later health problems.

His intuition was also telling him that it may have something to do with chakra work as well, and I’ve learned to trust my intuition over logic any day.

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That’s fine, intuition is useful to listen to but there’s cases some things aren’t based on intuition and usually best to check off mundane reasons first regardless.

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Agree with you 100%.

Getting dizzy and seeing white is usually followed up by fainting, and generally happens when your blood pressure drops.

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“Fainting is a temporary loss of consciousness. If you’re about to faint, you’ll feel dizzy, lightheaded, or nauseous. Your field of vision may “white out” or “black out.” Your skin may be cold and clammy. You lose muscle control at the same time, and may fall down.”


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Yeah, it got into that direction but I didn’t
feel losing my consciousness only control
about my body.

The feeling of fainting is usually when you’re close to losing consciousness. You just managed to not black out but it was going in such a direction.

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But there was no reason for fainting.

No reason that you know of. Still doesn’t refute the fact that your symptoms are in line with typical fainting.

Get your health checked out.


It’s long gone.
I know I felt good, maybe a bit tired but it was a normal night. I had smoked weed and wanted something to eat. I never had the feeling to faint,
but to fall. It came suddenly and stopped after maybe a minute.