Impotence Spell

Use a black penis candle with bats blood oil or black arts oil. Patchouli incense. This can always be worded to fit your intent.

Was able to order mimosa oil and penis candle, but they don’t have blue. Is black OK for this spell? I’ll look for musk.

So I now have

Black penis candle
Mimosa EO
My DIY love oil
Incense kama sutra
Incense jasmine
Incense egyptian musk
Incense vanilla

Plan to do this on Friday Venus hour
Sweetening love spell
And this penis spell

Anything I should change or add?

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Will work with Haniel and my dragon spirit for these. Your thoughts?

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Here’s where I got mine

Thanks! If I’m unable to get blue, it’s ok to use black, right?

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Not if you’re trying to bring him to you, red or blue would be the best. Black is for when you are cursing him with impotence, not drawing him back to you.

Thanks! I managed to get pink. Supplier doesn’t have blue or red. I’m in Asia, my current online sources are limited.

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You need a blue phallus candle or red

Pink would’ve been my next suggestion, it’s used for lust too, blue is to neutralize the current situation and to bring your true love back to you, so you’ll really need to emphasize with pink if you intend to cause him to stop being with other girl

I dont work with angels. I would go with the dragon. When I do break up spells, my first choice is Asmodeus. But that’s me, so whatever feels right to you

Dont know if you’re familiar with dark goddess Hekate, but she is another option

Thank you @4648Cru you’ve been very helpful! Appreciate your replies. Dragon yes. Yes I’ve come across Hecate. I’m thinking more of Dantalion? Love and lust.

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Didn’t think of dantalion, yes great idea!

would you pm me that impotence spell @4648Cru ?

Thanks, @4648Cru! Will try this soonest and will definitely give results feedback! You’ve been splendid! Thanks!

Please send it to me. Thank you

Use poison rat, hot pepers vinagers doll, and pictures whit pins in vagina stuck… And prays to demons to destrpy her sex life.