Important to say the words out loud?

Hey Guys!
Is it always necessary to speak the words of power out loud during a pathworking, Can we just hear them loudly in our head(Heard that also works) because I don’t have that kinda privacy all the time.
Thanks in advance.

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Intention is what matters most - you can whisper or say it your head.
It is true that the sound of vibrated or chanted words has a magick of it’s own that you’ll be missing out on, but t depends on the ritual design as to how important that is. For Western Occult workings I’d call it a Nice to Have. For something where the chant IS the whole working, then find a nice trail near you and ‘go hiking’.


There is a technique called “The Great Voice” or something similar. Essentially you visualize the word of power vibrating and being sent into the cosmos while also feeling the energy of the word inside of yourself. Essentially you are shouting with your soul and letting it vibrate within you.


I usually say mantras/words of power/etc in my mind. Especially if I’m doing a meditation or something similar. Easier for me personally to do. Just go with what feels right. That will have the most effect. Although I also tend to combine this with visualization (like visualising energy moving) which feels much more effective.

Don’t forget you can also take energy directly from your chakras for workings that are silent and manipulate it in your hands before throwing it out into the world!

Although I’d only recommend this one for working of white magic since the energy being produce… depending on your power level… may develop an intelligence of its own…

Besides that their are tons of gems that can be used to cleanse, activate and empower your chakras so long as you take care of them of course.

In general, I do not believe it matters necessarily. I’ve had success with both.

That being said, there are some systems, such as what i am currently working on, where there is a combination of actions that help to build the power: writing, reading and speaking the words (or names, in regards to what I am working with). I have tried the same workings without speaking but I have found a slight hinderance with the results. I believe it is because I was using two of the steps as opposed to all three.

So, i would advise experimenting with both and record your results. That is how you will ultimately learn the answer.


Nearly every spell I’ve come across has something that needs to be spoken out loud. Yet there are also a few that tell us to say them in our minds. So, I guess that would depend on the spell.

Also I’ve found success with whispering the vibrations but this can have a harsher effect on the throat then just saying them out louder…

Understood, Thanks!

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Definitely gonna check it out!