Important question about sour jars

I need deep information about this. It is about sour jars consisting of vinegar, salt and picture
In the past, I learnt from some magicians and witches that you could keep them stored until you got the desired outcomes, and them throw them away. But some of them also told that, if you wanted to have control over the cursed individuals whose picture is in the jar, you could(as happens in frozen bottles)keep the jar for ever into an obscure piece of furniture in the loft, or other room not being your living not bedroom, and forget them.
After a lot of time I am again studying about sour jars and am again thinking about these issues. Do you think -although you may not have and share the same described opinions and produres- that the procedured described above might still be a valid way -among others- of managing that type of jars?

thank you

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Well, if the sour jar has done it’s job, it doesn’t matter if you keep it it or not.

If it’s long term control you want, then make sure that’s the intention not just the one specific result, and then likewise you keep the jar intact as long as it’s working, however you can do that. I don’t think it matters if you put it the back of a cupboard, bury it, hide it in the attic or under the floor boards, but you don’t want other people to find it and release the energy until after the work is no longer needed.


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Thanks for your interesting message. I am not totally sure of the exact meaning of this:
‘If it’s long term control you want, then make sure that’s the intention not just the one specific result’. By the way, a thought: of course you want to maintain privately a jar, but, what happens if other people find and release the energy?

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