Implications of chanting enns outside ritual setting


Hi, I’m curious if any one chants any enn outside ritual setting. Would a demon get annoyed if one chants his or her enn quite often during the day or all along the day?

edit: I particularly want to chant King Belial’s enn


I dont think demon will be angry dude
If you chant their enn with respect
I usually chanting mantra and make a song with that mantra and its no problem


Thanks, that is assuring.


Yes you can. When i get stressed(which is a lot) i silently chant the enn or mantra of spirits, they usually come to check on me so its comforting


Thanks :slight_smile:


I was wondering this also, but I do it alot. Didn’t think it would hurt. Thanks for bringing this up.


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@lustforgoddess I usually see it as a sign that you want them to be with you at that time. Perhaps you calling them subconsiously because you miss there presence or you feel you need them. I have a similar thing with drawing there sigil, symbol or name on my hand.


I have used Lucifers enn to save me from bad situations a couple of times. It worked and I got safety almost right away. Partly because of my link through the blood magic I think


I compulsively chant Lucifer’s enn


I would ask myself why I am wanting to do this and what the benefit is to both god and myself. If you are doing it for effect then no, but if it’s done because you want to give it as an offering of respect then that is different.


I’ve read on the power of contacting entities when (more or less) near to nature.
In the days of the Tai Chi lessons I elsewhere wrote about, I walk through a small park. On a few occasions I repeated in my mind Azazel’s enn and I felt a feeling, wouldn’t know how to describe it… interesting.


I think it is an ultimate sign of respect and also a sign (to them) that you are depending upon them and participating in an ongoing daily relationship. I’m not a demon (But I play one on TV), but if I were - I would be flattered that someone didn’t just call upon me in a circle before an alter and only when they want something.


Azazel’s enn has been a steady companion for the past days. And interestingly, whenever I recite, there’s a whole bloody choir of children chanting, yelling, and cheering along in my head.


I have never worked with Azazel. At the moment Belial and I have an arrangement that is pretty new. i am trying to focus on that for the moment but I am fascinated by Azazel and his historical workings with mankind from the beginning.