Implanting an entity's power

Is it possible to implant the powers of an entity inisde us so that we an use their power in physical realm anytime without their permission each and every time?
Like I take power of a spirit and use it as super human powers in physical world?
Is that possible?


No, because demons don’t have “super human powers,” and the physical realm does not allow for them. The rules that govern this universe can be bent to insane degrees, but they cannot be outright broken.

You cannot “implant” the abilities of spirits, but they can teach you how to do what they do as an act of will. It won’t be instant though. You would essentially become their apprentice.


So, you want to forcibly bind a spirit to you, to learn it’s powers, and then think you can use them without the same spirit beating your ass?

Maybe you should befriend the spirit, learn from it, and gain an ally instead of a enemy that will out live you.


Like EA had told in his course that he had taken powers from enki and could move things. Make things fly. How is that possible then?

can you explain more.

And what course is that? I haven’t heard him say any such thing, but even if he did, he isn’t going around telekinetically hurling cars so I doubt it was permanent or even worth the effort.

You also have to factor in that EA has been a practicing magician for nigh on 30 years. His results, and your results would be considerably different.

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In mastering evocation. I remember him and his friends asking powers from the watcher enki. And he said sth like “with the power of enki make this fly or sth” he was telling that as his past story.

like when he was a newbie

Hmm…I’ll have to re-watch it 'cause I don’t remember that part. :thinking:



Do you remember what section of the course it was in?

No, its like in 1st or 2nd video. I can’t really remember.

he describes about the necronomicon

Sure. If you bind a spirit against it’s will (which is what you’d be doing with a question like this), don’t expect a happy ending when it bites you. Otherwise, you’d negotiate an agreement with an entity to learn what you needed to, and earn the ability with guidance and hard work.

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So i should make it a friend and ask for powers?

No, you ask the spirit to teach you how to do what they can do.

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Oh oh okay

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Thanks. You were quicker on the draw.


Did you find anything? @DarkestKnight

You could ask the spirit to come into you, make a connection to you, to hitch a ride with you. Then it could teach you, and work with you, if it wants to do so.