Implanting an entity's power

Oh i see

That’s what a godform is you assuming the traits/energy of a Deity, demon, or angel, or whatever else while you work with that Entity however not to the degree of fantasy.

@Morningstar_666 I have heard of experiences of people drinking the blood of a spirit, or implanting the spirit’s dna into their own energy body. They said they got some of the spiritual abilities of the spirit.

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Can you elaborate more?

Can I learn more about godform?

Just drinking their blood or putting their some of their dna into your energy body.

But they aren’t of this realm. How will i get their blood? By physically manifesting them?

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I found a topic on it here. Let me find it.

Thanks man

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Hi can you explain about godhood?

What do you mean?

Idk more about god hood. Here velenos mentioned about godform

Maybe try asking him

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Can you explain about godhood

Ha you post what I was just thinking.

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I’m not the best person to ask as my view on it doesn’t match the “become a living god” definition many here chose to follow lol sorry.

But still we can know your thoughts right?:wink:

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At least one person in this forum can do this (Qayos). I doubt he would share his technique however, as it’s his business secret.

However I heard that some people use a technique that “bypasses” the sentient shells of deities/entities/demons/etc. to interact with their force directly. I can’t remember the names of the path and the technique, and where I found it though. You may need to do your own research.

He has not been active for a long time.