Imagination vs. Actual Experiences

So I’ve been meditating and I often can shut my mind down but sometimes I’ll swear something comes to me. Like once I thought I saw a valkyrie - imagined my convo with her and everything. In these cases, I’ll ask it to prove it was there by manifesting itself in some way, I’ll trust the process, and then NOTHING happens. My imagination is insane - I’ve been visualizing things ever since I was a child, and apparently have seen things since I was a kid (I used to regularly talk to a man with red eyes - still NO idea who it was). My family is highly spiritual and gifted, as well.

So, how do you know when it’s your imagination vs. an actual entity or experience? I can imagine, on cue, what it feels like to be crushed. Or what it feels like to swallow fire. I just need to know when its me vs something else.


Imagination can be manipulated, for example if you saw the Valkyrie and was able to erase its existence from your mind or change it in every way possible on a simple whim, but seeing as thoughtforms are also imagination the same case stands as it’s imagination you can actually experience.

Now with actual beings outside of imagination and manifested thoughtforms/imagination you can’t simply banish from your mind on a whim or manipulate it at all. Sure, if you allow the being to they can manipulate your perception to where you see them a certain way. However, you can often remove the illusionary forms and such they manipulate you to see but you cannot remove them on a whim.


I rely on clairsentience and intuition to tell the difference.
It sounds to me like the valkrie and shadow man were real. Whether they were actually those types of beings as opposed to an entity using those forms to communicate something is an interesting question though.

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