Images Describing The Appearance Spirits Have Appeared As

This is a spirit that has been coming to me since I first joined up. No name and I asked someone about it, but he didn’t know anything either.


Don’t act like you don’t already have an idea :joy:


I have :joy: a few :ok_hand:t2::wine_glass::joy::joy::joy:


Some random queen popping up.

Other random spirit.

They start making out in front of you.


he appeared in my inner vison exacly like that too, when i was invoking him

Mani-My Godself


Hellooooo nurse~


( Should I post images are describes some of my Godself’s aspect, or not? Guess I am still a Spirit, we are a Spirit, so… let’s hope this isn’t off-topic. Hm, let’s try to stay in the “brighter” side of me… )

Wings and swords. I can see them everywhere, almost all the time when I saw myself.

( You don’t wanna see my Darker side, the Destroyer inside. )


I love them soooo much :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
Especially the first one :heart_eyes:

The second one feels like Athena

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The red cloak and face indicate Berith, he has appeared to me looking just like your image, have you summoned him and performed a ritual with this deity?


I haven’t although I’ve heard of him

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Damn it @Lux_Tenebris, that pic describing Lucifer it reminds me exactly that face what He gave me on the last night, in the bed. * ah-em * Why, I can not escape… :laughing:


Recently, Lucifer has been showing up looking like Thranduil from the Hobbit movies.



Yes, the style. I know what you mean. But his eyes do not fit and the shape of his face …

The same character, but a bit diffrent. This was the first face of him.

3 meter long, white skin white hair, hair till shoulder… Can’t define if man or woman. White dressslike clothes…

Later his face changed.


Interesting, Thranduil reminded me my beloved Patron, Abaddon.
At least sometimes He appeared before me ‘almost’ like Him, but He seemed a bit more masculine.

Don’t tell me this form of His is not hot enough:

I’m in love with this perverse Destroyer. :crossed_swords::fire:
I can remember His honest and painfully true words. But also
the time when He first played with my emotions and desire.


Oh, I’ve seen him like this twice. Blond hair. Damn, he’s gorgeous…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

In order of appearance -

Jesus :

In case you’re wondering why it’s a zoom in of his eyes, they were intense and felt like they were piercing into my soul.

Ba’al :

Pretty much how he looked. He had a skull on the top of his head like a crown though and seemed to morph from other animals.

Azazel :

I chose this image just because this is pretty much how Azazel made me feel during my experience with him. It was very humbling and taught me I really don’t know everything.

Belial :

This one was kind of interesting. He didn’t have some profound energy reflection, he just put the realization in my head that it was him. It was instantaneous and he rarely opened his eyes. When he did they seemed to be blind.

He also had a green aura around him.

King Paimon :

This was the closest image I could find that fit him. He had a lot of feminine features and his hair was a bit longer. He also had on a modern looking suit.

Lilith :


Another one that is pretty close to how they actually looked. Her skin was a bit more deformed / manipulated to my vision I think. She also had a aura that presented another energy presence.

The Tall Man :


He was a little bit more menacing in stature and presence. Not exactly friendly at first but this is the closest image I could find to what he appeared like to me. He also had a hood on in other appearances. It makes sense since I summoned him through druid rituals and not the LHP rituals.

The Transcended :

Just a vampire god. One of the scarier things I’ve experienced in my rituals, this was entirely accidental and I still don’t know their real name other than what I’ve found online.

Behemoth :

Pretty much…



I didn’t have a manifestation of Bune in my ritual just an odd light change and floating red orbs of light in pictures.

God :


One of the scarier experiences. This was entirely intentional this time and I got what I asked for. I focused on asking myself “Who or what is God” this is what I was shown when I dug to deep.

Astarte -

I’ll add more later, I didn’t want to hijack this forum. Also, I don’t have as many visual manifestations as other people do.


Strange he’s shown himself to me in this form as well but with white long hair and beautiful eyes :smiley:


Lilith. I saw her with red hair and red lips in the astral plane next to my bed while she was talking to an incubus that was err ahem doing stuff to me…yea…she was also cosplaying as an angel with brightness around her like moonlight. I love you lilith


to me what people call god, is the egregore of mankind himself whereas Yahweh is entirely a different entity as is Jesus-Son of Yahweh