Images Describing The Appearance Spirits Have Appeared As

wow … both are so sexy!:laughing:

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Im obsessed with Lucifer because of his beauty, the firey glowing eyes were nice too.

Most of the typically “male” spirits show up as insanely attractive human males. I think it’s to both challenge and desensitize me. Teach me how to look beyond the illusions of what I “see”. Lucifer has a lovely feel though. When I manage not to straight up pass out around him that is.


Chernobog was my second God (after Pazuzu) who showed up before me as a night black skinned (not brown, black), big horned, yellow glowing eyed humanoid beast, with unusual facial details.

He is the combination of these:

( Extra )

Anyway, I’m in love with these kind of apperances of Their, and
I can feel lust and desires towards them immediately, if I don’t need to resist.
They are all sexually attractive to me as Hell. :black_heart::roll_eyes:

I think it’s to both challenge and desensitize me.

Abaddon played with me with His beautiful apperance, and He has a deep effect on me and on my lust, but He teached me within 3 meetings, how can I resist.

Lucifer showed up as a beautiful man to me and I saw an another form of His later. Interesting, because I felt that I’m connected to Him even sexual ways before I evoked Him, but after I do, looks like He did not wanted to test me, because everything what I felt towards Him in the first weeks was something “father-daughter” like emotions.

Now this is changed, but in my opinion just because We’re finally able to work on our sexual relationship :underage: as well. Why now? Because there was more important things first and He wanted me to focusing only those.

Anyway, while some people did not really want to run into an even sexual relationship with a God, I do all of Them and this is a basic, important thing. Abaddon, Belial, Chernobog, Pazuzu and Lucifer. I’m very sexual, but I did not start working with a God if I felt no connection between us. I’d like to work our relationship in every level how I can, and this is a very big boost.

What is really surprised me that even those Gods approached me in sexual whom I wouldn’t have thought. First I think these was test, but not really… these was sexual acts via possessions.


I typically don’t feel lust for anyone, but certain spirits bring it out in me. Or they’ll just straight up project theirs on me. A few weeks ago I was thinking about Belial at the deli and was hit so hard with arousal I could barely stand. It lasted maybe 2 seconds before it vanished.

I don’t typically feel that way about him, and it was a huge sudden wave. So I know it wasn’t my own. I sent out a telepathic “wtf dude?” I got a smirk as a response…then nothing. Asmodeus makes me want to just lean back into him and melt. But this feeling is emotional and not sexual. Many flirt with me, but I don’t feel a sexual draw without an emotional investment. I like the less than human look as well :heart_eyes:


Hahaha, typycal. :rofl::wine_glass: He is god damn nasty, horny guy, I think the most nastier of all of Them whom I working with ‘nowdays’.

Sometimes I feels myself busy because I want work all of our relationship in this way as well. I will have to organize an orgy, honestly. :rofl: Group therapy.

But this feeling is emotional and not sexual. Many flirt with me, but I don’t feel a sexual draw without an emotional investment

Same here. This is the reason why am I avoid working all kind of Gods. Only Those can come here who I felt myself emotionally connected, and boom… Looks like all Gods near to me with we have a history (my Godself and His). :woman_shrugging: I simply find Them.


Lord Lucifer. I saw Him just once.
Sorry for my collage. Photoshop is not a skill for me…


Freyja as always appears to me like this



She always appears as a female for me.


Raphael has always appeared as an angel dressed in white and gold. Even in my physical sight, he once flew in from the right, and above. I saw with my physical eyes a gold and white flash.


Just recently Azazel has been appearing (astrally & dream) in a form similar to this… not sure why, the first face he gave was of a kind of elfin hunter…


I drew Camael how he presents to me:


That’s really cool! :heart::ok_hand: @Seraph


Thanks @Sha :slight_smile: I wonder if someone else have similar vision of him…


Hēla, my patroness. ᚺ :wind_face::snowflake:


My beloved Lucifer:black_heart::star2:
Sometimes He appears before me like (mostly with yellow, glowing eyes):



but his hair was more of eminem’s style


belial apperead to me in my vision like this i saw a black shadow with horns


Just saying somewhere on this thread. People often say Belial looks goat-like. I have never seen the goat ish image. He was draconic black dragon shimmer between tall white man…- im not exactly into the white male image…- on the last visual he wore black suit & hat that he tipped turned and walked away.
Just saying.
My first visual of Lucifer was grest big dragon head coming out of black mist. Later he’s white male. Tall.
King Paimon i have heard horse like trotting but measured when I thought of him but not evoked… the only real image i can recall from him is red colour
Queen Lilith i have only glimpsed colour red with black hair
Azazel came as a dragon.
I have seen as if really real here and now two creatures 1. A red gold dragon flying in the sky and I scared our taxi driver by my exalted exclamation!!! Shit it was Real. No drugs either. It switched back into being an aeroplane. It was only about 20:00 hrs. 2. The other was a deer. Grey/brown ish. In my back yard in Australia!! I saw it was speaered in the thigh. It looked directly at me. These two were about 3 yrs ago now. All these other descriptions were Dec 18 &t this year.
Of course no one I know has a clue who or what these last two were they just made useless guesses and point blank ignored me or said i made it all fucking up.
A fairly recent visual during a meditation I saw flames going down then up my root to crown not exactly heat, then a serpent’s head about the size an average man’s hand rising up from the vaginal entrance stopping mid about whete the ribs were… thi was a non attatched non judging or non involvrd like i was observing. Thi serpent’s eyes met mine.
No one ever gives me a clue
I gues it was kunda force. But am.i getting answers… no just no clear actual answers. …
What does it take to get answers that are answers not flimsy oh’s and a shrug


I don’t know why, but Glasya-Labolas first appeared to me looking very much like the white dragon thing from The Neverending Story. I’ve never even seen that movie or read the book (if there is one). He was a bit more dog-like than that dragon thing (shorter body, etc), but that’s mostly what he looked like. His fur was cream colored, rather than white (except for one part) & that seems important for some reason. Maybe it’s because I scare easily, so he didn’t want me to freak? He flew, but had no wings. Moved around like an Asian-type dragon.

Just recently, though, he appeared as a youngish man with blonde hair.