Images Describing The Appearance Spirits Have Appeared As

Nice! When I say Lilith for the first time during my awakening, she had a form just like the third picture you’ve posted, Kendall.



But this is how I used to know him


Sallos, blond with hood (yes, female)


Absolutely stunning

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I only seen glimpses of him so far but here is the result


He had long black hair, but bangs. Face was slender, had a bit of beard growing, muscular, no wings or anything. Also tall. And very pretty golden eyes.



Now imagine this minotaur with a golden nose ring, an aligator tale, and paler, hum-like hands.


Andras, Great Marquis

However I didn’t spoke with him yet, but it’s proved (in a very intense and harsh way) that he is here for a while, and for now, I start to see him in my mind, more clearer and clearer.

He has a middle-long, black hair, beautiful white skin (not pale but very white), fiery glowing deep orange-red eyes. His face is very characteristic and memorable, so handsome, specifically masculine features, but he got no facial hair. His body slim but muscular. He got no horns or any “extra” facial features.
Sometimes I saw him wearing headdress/helmet like “thing” crafted from dark/black metal and decorated with raven feathers. His wings are black, sometimes he appearing with them, sometimes without them.

It is really hard to find any pictures what could describe him, like really…
So I’ll try to drop here a “pool” for this cause.

(I’ve tried to edit the original one hoping in it’ll give back Andras’ beautiful features.)

An another shot:



This looks familiar to me had dreams of this being lurking around a burned house or burned Warehouse I had see this being with burned feet and burned clothes Just standing still with it’s back turned to me.

In real life sometimes I had the feeling of being watched at the window by this being.

I once got out of the house to mediate outside at 3 am in the morning and I feel watched and I hear some wierd cries like a baby or woman everyone should be a sleep at that time.


Some etheric ghouls minus the two stuck together and remove the horns, some are animal-like and some are humanoid


Interesting. For some reasons, I have the similar feeling, but unpredictable and seemingly random.

Encounters with them in dream “world” and even real life suggests that they may have some “tracker” role. I wonder why, but I can’t give completely credible explanation.They might be connected to spirits we working with, or they are absolutely independent, and probably following the “energy” tracks of the person (maybe they get attracted by the power).

I never saw them in attacking mode against me; sometimes I felt like I really cooperating with them, so as I said before: like a support creatures, but in real life I never experienced similar with them. They were passive observers.

The fact that they can operate in your dreams and the material world is an another interesting stuff, which requires some explarnation.

An another strange “match”. I’ve heard similar voicec before, but I was unable to unidentified it’s exact location where is it coming from. I’m living in this house for ~14 years now, so I know every sound and I know exactly when something is off.

I don’t think that we should afraid of them, however I would say that it is good if you try to find out more about their motivations and their presence’s meaning.



Kamael/Samael has appeared to me looking similar to this, but without the top hat. The wings are also red and there are six of them. The top set covers the face, but you can see the eyes and mouth through them. The bottom set covers the waist like a loincloth of sorts. There’s also a flaming sword beside him.

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I dont feel threatened neither by these lower vibration beings, only if I do something that might bother them.

Once when I use the Ouija board talked to a 9 feet tall dark being that loves to feed on suffering and negativity from people.
I was told to close the session immediately when I encountered this beings.
But I did not, what I did was show respect and this being showed me respect back.
And one time I was told by this beings that I am interesting character.

They do feed on my energy I belive once in a while and sometimes I get sudden mood change like extremly angry or depressed and tired but it wears off.
Sometimes these beings put wierd thoughts in my head.


Lovely :heart_eyes::star_struck::black_heart:
I do really like Andras. Hail the Marquis.


Prince Sitri




She looked somewhat like this only her hair was down and not braided. Her hair was also a brighter fiery orange and she was holding a golden chalice filled with blood.

Quite often for me she appears as Asenath Manson’s art of her.


I made some quick paintings. Belial

And Asmoday


Since I’ve been seeing his name a lot lately and realized I haven’t posted about him here. King Belial appeared as variations of the ff:

First time meeting him:

(that little creature sneering behind the equally devious-looking tree)

During divination sessions and earlier interactions:



Goddess Yhi


This is how Agrat Bat Mahlat appears to me… In different aspects and moods…


Wow great image references.

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The sneer devilish energies so consistent in the pics​:joy::open_mouth:where did you get this belial pics??