I'm ready to die

(Note: this is my personal experience/opinion). Metatron is the gatekeeper of reality. He is the one who transforms raw potential into physical manifestations. His brother Sandalphon is the being who takes the prayers of humans and fashions them into a wreath which he brings to God. Talk to these two beings.

Again, personal opinion – Jesus Christ may have been an actual human, or an amalgamation of the stories of different humans who performed “miracles”. In my worldview, Christ Jesus is the spark of God (the eternal, non-personified, non-local, all-encompassing Consciousness) which exists in every human. Jesus may be an entity you can call upon externally, but also he lives in you, he is the link to the Divine.

Do not ask him for what you want, but rather show him (in your imagination) what you hope to achieve, and give him your thanks for it. Christ Jesus is the divine spark in all humankind and is the link to the greater, eternal, non-local consciousness.


In my country if you stay home don’t expect any Job to come out of blue. Soon again I will leave home to some city’s and look for work. Any work. Although I’m a truck driver. Getting job in my country is not easy if don’t enough money for bribery. Everything here even just getting small Job you have to pay the personally to give you work. Nothing for Free except if you have high ranked person in specific office or campany it’s okay but if not suffering only.

So, please just keep praying for me as I’m down the road struggling with Life. I’m so desperate I highly I need a Job right now or tomorrow, everywhere people need money. Even my uncle’s and sisters are not happy staying with me together when I don’t I’ve the money. Simple chant or spells for me to get work as soon as possible. Thanks

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I won’t give up on my life. I will fall down and raise up again. As I am talking to you, I’m now in kapchorwa. There a lot of companies for Chinese here. So I’ve come to try my luck and see what happens.


Bizarre you promised to do something for me. I’m not sure what’s that

This is what want exactly finding hidden treasures.

Wishing you all possible good luck! :sunny:

I did a road opener for you. Best wishes and good luck!

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Thanks All I appreciate it


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