I'm ready to die

Lady Eva it’s really fair in Europe and some other country’s. Because they create more Jobs for there people to benefit. But in Uganda getting work is real battle of war I swear I’m glad you have friend from Uganda. That’s why most Ugandans go to Arabs countries like Oman, Saudi, and Dubai. As home keepers because things have really failed from Uganda. Most of those ladies who go to Arab countries are professional teacher’s with degrees and some with diplomas. But failed to get work in Uganda and decided to go Arab countries


When I go back home to my books I’ll try to see if something can be done ritual like

It seems to me that your best bets are either Belial, Bune or Archangel Michael, Michael always gives strength to those who are in deep despair.

Say a prayer to Michael, and light a white candle for him

There’s his sigil you can use, you may find it here, I’ll link you a post with his sigil, hold on

Here you can find his sigil, meditate on it


I use scans to speak to spirits, I tried speaking to Michael but I’m not sure how correct it was so take this with a grain of salt even though others have always said I was correct in their scans.

He showed me a book, it had Lucifer’s sigil on it, but he closed it

Then he showed me the cross of Jesus Christ in heaven, and there was a blinding beautiful light that hit everything

So try praying to Jesus, use the psalms.

UPDATE: the blinding light the heavens showed me is still in my mind, so I’m definitely sure it was a message for you


We are in Kali Yuga unfortunately, you will over come your life challenge, this is your life path because you have the opportunity to change it.

See your life as game, & start to play it with hope to win; with optimism that you get lucky in your strive (what is within, you reflect outward).

Call on your spirits, go to a river or any water source - cleanse yourself of all negativity & evil, then call the water spirits & discuss how this game of life is going. They will come to you whilst you sleeping, be prepared to envision water in your dreams.

Never give up.

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I hate the Kali Yuga, can’t wait for Kalki

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Strengthened I appreciate you a lot. But honestly I love working with demons especially I’m drown to bune. However haven’t got any success with her. Let me hope demons won’t get hungry if I start working with angels.

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Demons don’t care if you work with angels

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I don’t love Jesus Christ. Everyone in my country is saying that Jesus is coming soon. I’m tired of this shit.

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Hey man, I was thinking, maybe there is a threshold? I mean, did anyone in your family ever went above of where you’re/have been?

Maybe you should ask nicely to some God to open the gates of wealth for you. Also, the central energy for wealth is the Jupiter current (and for its movement, the mercurial current, where you’re going to find Hermes, Thot and so on, even the archangel Raphael is associated with it).

Now, all of this is just to remind you that there are many, many spirits, all very powerful and capable of helping people, not just demons.

You can even work with both simultaneously, don’t worry about it.


Family member who’s beyond me in magical practice or what? Honestly yeah I want patient and powerful to help me break through this shit I’m really desperate

Just want to buy my way out and move to kapchorwa town. But I’m stuck in soroti city no money for transport just sleeping in streets. My parents reject me both dad and mom. That I’m old enough to leave my own life

In wealth.

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Cool, I’m just saying what Michael showed me

And it would be good for you to form your own idea of who Jesus is without listening to what others say about him


They are there. I’m still very poor and desperate. No home to stay. At least some of them are grown and I’ve home’s

No problem I’m gonna get on it. I Will try Jesus Christ


If it’s money, you could try calling Nitika or Bime (I suggest both). They work relatively fast, but always keep your mind open and try not lusting for results. Start by trying to appreciate what you do have; a bit of mental alchemy can go a long way especially when working with magick.

Up to you, I suggest using psalms as well

I actually felt like angels would be helpful to you as well @Pop_Daniel because demons can do a lot of things but sometimes they’re not the correct spirits for the job.


I will do something for you, @Pop_Daniel. Hope things get better.

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Bizarre. I am waiting bro. Thing’s are really horrible on my side.

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Can you please recommend me the good angel you I’ve got success with. And ritual format for contacting him. I want to do this and let you know how things will happen. Lady Eva stay blessed. Blessings