I'm ready to die

Honestly if anything doesn’t come my way this years. Just gotta take some poison and kill myself. I’m tired of suffering in this world. I’ve tried whatever but things seems not to be working out. I’m tired of trying, fuck this world. I hate it. Imagine in this times of lock down in my country Uganda. We’re locked at homes no working completely and hunger is killing us. I’m just tired I’m real I’m authentic. I’ve tried and struggle since in 2014 down on the road but still ain’t real. Its like I’m looking for life which doesn’t not exist. Just want to die and rest simply. Heaven or hell I don’t care. Demons and spirits where are you? Hear me loud. If magick is real and someone cast spells and manifest. Why I’m I not breaking through in financial situations in my life.

Life really keeps disappointing me every day that’s why I’m tired brothers and sisters. It’s really hard. Not just because I want to die. It’s real life complex situation. If someone can would experience my life. You would cry and really feel it that I’m suffering a lot. I’m telling the truth


Sorry you’re having a tough time. I work in mental health so just want to let you know you are not alone, there are people who are going through what you are as well so don’t think of yourself as a failure. Don’t give up and if you are having serious thoughts of doing this please seek help immediately. If magick isn’t working for you right now, maybe take a step back until you are able to cope better. Hang in there, things will start to get better


What magick have you tried in order to fix your situation? We can’t help if we don’t know where you’re at.


The sun is always shining even during the worst storms.

Eye of the Hurricane


Honestly, from what I read you are already in a position to drop everything (if you haven’t already).

I don’t want to sound offensive, or an asshole (I apologize in case it looks like it), but the situation won’t improve with self-pity.

I am in the middle of a pathworking with Lucifer, and the bulk of the work he is making me do is centered on changing myself, the way I see problems, and the approach to them:

You are a slave to your expectations, they shape the reality around you. If you enter a ritual with that mood, that skepticism, that negativity within you, your results will never come. This is what you are capable of, make things happen or, even worse, make nothing happen at all.

I have summarized my notes a bit from the various chats I have had, but the thing is: “Once you change the way you see reality, reality will take the form that you yourself will impart”.

Change your mindset, surely life is shit for you right now, I’m not saying it’s not, but giving up is not going to make things better, it will all result in a huge waste of potential.

In this forum there are amazing sorcerers, able to give you the best advice: ask, listen and put into practice. It will take what it will take, but the results will come, give it time and trust yourself.

Hold on brother


Hello there. I hope you can find your inner strength through this. Things are in a constant state of flux and are always changing. I do not know your situation but I will assume it wasn’t always like this—especially since you mention the lock down possibly making things worse. I want to remind you that nothing in life is permanent.

Might I suggest you do some sort of optimism ritual? It seems you’ve been through quite a lot and it’s hindered your outlook. If we start there, you might be able to open further doors along the way.

If you see yourself as outside of yourself, such as from above, you may also begin to understand a way of coping and see possibilities and change as well.

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Can everyone who replies and cares enough light a candle to our own spirits to help?

It’s not the same as doing huge dedicated spellworkings but I also know a lot of us on here want to help. Maybe if a lot of us give a little help, you’ll get a lucky break?


I’ll do mine in a minute once I’ve checked a few mod housekeeping things.


I’ll light mine to the universe.

Regarding OP this is really tough to do but try and find something, anything that you like and just focus on that. When things are hard in life it can be incredibly overwhelming and we can get lost in All the pain and misery. It helps to have something that something that we can look at that is good and makes us happy. I understand that this is not an easy task but if you can find something like that I think it would help you. My P m’s are always open and if you want I can send you some mental health notes that I have if you think it would help.
Please understand that you are beautiful and amazing and you deserve the best.


I have a 6 hour one going for my grandma but can do one once that one is out.


Okay I have done what I can @Pop_Daniel in terms of lighting a candle and invoking for a lucky break for you, and that things will improve. :heart_decoration:

I know other members are doing the same and maybe our combined support can start to create a positive wave of good fortune for people being beaten down by these horrible events.

I’m not usually a “humanitarian” kind of person but this situation is wrong. Please try to stay strong, even in this chaos, and do all you can to call on your own spirit allies as well.


I have lit mine as well @Pop_Daniel. Please keep us updated on your situation if possible :pray:


I have lit a candle for you @Pop_Daniel
Stay strong !! Blessing


Pop Daniel, I have lit the candle for you. Also did a road opener prayer. It would be even more powerful if you do it on your end as well.
This seal below calls on 5 angels - Mumiel, Sitel, Yakasaganotz, Turiel & Mafrizmon. Just gaze at and focus on the seal and speak your request once to each angel in order to open new doors and obtain new opportunities(customize to your own situation). I once felt the same as you do now and doing this repeatedly opened many doors in my life in a few months and many synchronicities transpired especially in the area of my career.

I hope it is something for a start.
Edit- the seal is taken from Road Opener ritual from Ars Aurora’s book on Angel Magick


@Lady_Eva i’m definitely going out do that right now. Such a great idea by the way


I remember reading somewhere about someone who can actually bring food and shelter for emergency situations. They won’t make anyone reach, but nobody will starve or perish to the elements.

If anyone remember which spirit it is, I think maybe a few people here would be willing to do something more focused. Just an idea.


@Pop_Daniel gotta candle burning for you.


@DarkestKnight would definitely know.


I think one of the spirits is Ahl’far’dahn, from my book of azazel.


As someone who has struggled with suicidal thoughts and still does sometimes, I say: don’t kill yourself, you won’t achieve anything.

Rather try to meditate and work on communication with the Divine (God)

Jesus will help you, just read a couple of psalms

Use the Hanuman chalisa, listen to it

I can’t suggest demons because I’m not sure if you have the right materials to commune with them, but if I were you, I’d go with Belial