I'm looking for a book, it's important

Tell me who is the author of the book, where can I find it? Is it worth attention? It’s just that in the Russian space the fraudster does not say the name and asks for money for an already crooked translation from the language

Not sure, but looks like it should be something like this classic on energy body design like this:



Sadly my copy got damaged a while ago in a flood and I never replaced it to be able to check inside.

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Thank you very much, I hope it’s her.

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Look at this, what you dropped is not that (

No I don’t think so, that is a mishmash of everything popular in the occult… well, New Age anyway.


But it’s all in one book, imagine!) Now I’m looking for her

I speak a little Russian. Are you sure that the infos are from only one book?

Yes, it’s one book. Original in English (English)

Yeah but it’s complete messed up bullshit so you’re not missing anything.

It mixes up so many traditions none of it makes sense. For example the base of the spine nerve is not “Hell” or the animal nature, the middle of the body is not the Norse Midguard, Midguard in Nordic tradition is the Earth where we live, and there’s no heaven it’s called Asguard where the Aesir live. The spinal nerves are not the same thing as tree of life Yggdrasil.

The energy meridians/nadis are NOT nerves or physical structures at all, the Norse system, the Egyptian religion, the Asian Lucifer symbol are all different things that have different and important meanings within their own contexts. If you just take them separately you leave behind 90% of what they mean in a mindless, reductionist and rootless oversimplification.

Unless you already know all these traditions and religions, this book will probably confuse the crap out of you by throwing up way too many pretty pictures with too few correct and meaningful associations.

If anything it looks like someone’s personal notes taken from many sources.


I agree, it’s just interesting for general acquaintance, especially all in one. + to everything I communicate with the admin of the channel on YT. Russian, he fully studies the materials and posts videos.

Here’s an example: https://youtube.com/@kyshtym_karlik? si=GZ5Maq-wXHJRYtgj

The book would be very useful to him

its revival of wisdom https://www.youtube.com/@revivalofwisdom

his book Book Of Wisdom

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What do you think about the information?