I'm looking at Olympic Spirits


I’m reading Practical Planetary Magick. I’m thinking of working with the spirits in this book. Is there a way I can invoke them without calling on the Christian God? Perhaps the Olympian gods?

Also it do I really need a white robe?


The Olympian gods have nothing whatsoever to do with the Olympic spirits.

However, the Orphic Hymns can be used with the Olympic spirits because, even though they are hymns to the Greek gods, they are planetary in essence (for example the hymn to Apollo invokes the Sun).

You can evoke the Olympic spirits using whatever framework you usually use. I evoked both Och and Aratron using EA’s basic technique with no god names or white robe involved.


I don’t understand why so many occult authors invoke Aldonai anyway. He hates magick. Deuteronomy 18:10-16 for example. Why can’t modern writers use Pagan gods instead?


In my opinion, most modern writers usually try to look at things from a higher perspective. When they use the Hebrew god names, such as Adonai (which simply means My Lord and can be used to refer to any higher power) they are not necessarily calling on a specific god, such as Yahweh, but that which lies beyond all the gods, the Eternal Source itself. Some, of course, do refer to the Judaeo-Christian god, but not all.


And other deities or demons won’t be offended?



Whether you call them by the name of an external power or by your own name, the spirits will respond as it is their nature to do so. It is your Will as an aspect of the Eternal, channeled through the Names you speak, that carries authority, not the names themselves.

EA illustrates this beautifully in Works of Darkness, when he describes his first evocation of King Paimon. He called him using various Divine Names and the king laughed at him. It wasn’t until EA got angry and funneled his Will into the Names he spoke, that the king began to take him seriously. it was EA’s own authority he respected, not that of the Divine Names.

The only thing that will offend them is if you try to bully them, or push them around, with threats and bindings. If you call them as the Divine being you are, they will respond.


None of these are necessary unless you insist they are. I never used the traditional invocation or the robe: just the seal and the name plus a couple of candles for ambience.