I'm grateful to be here

I lost all my material life including my email addresses and log in details so this is not my first time on the platform.

I’m in South Africa and really failing in my manifestations.
I wish to unblock my path. Or succeed in cleansing.
I’m even currently homeless with my two kids.
I know I’ll be motivated and educated here.

Thank you

Welcome (back?).

Since you seem to have some experience, could you elaborate on that more? May help us.

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Do you need help getting back your old account? Having duplicate accounts is against the rules here.


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Good luck moving forward :slight_smile:

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I’d appreciate although I struggle to access previous info.
I’ll keep trying to find or remember any little details.
I lost all my most important stuff due to domestic violence and other painful factors.
I’ll say if I got anything back like my diaries

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Thanks I’ll try change my mindset and own my power

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Thats coincidentally something Im trying to do aswell. I find its very hard to do if theres no external reason pushing you.