I'm confused

For those who see Bael (Ba’al) and Beelzebub as separate entities, have anyone experienced them having issues/distrust/not-so-good relationship with each other in general?
I recently had a strange experience that one of them got concerned that I started working with another one (I won’t tell exact names), and I found it quite strange.
If anyone has similar experience, please answer.


These are each one of the nine Gatekeepers in E.A. Koettings Gatekeeper pathworking, which I have done, and worked with them on other things together, and there was never a hint of an issue. :woman_shrugging:

I would double check my fears. The conscious mind makes things up because it dislikes being out of control. You have to make sure your imagination isn’t led by that.

Falling that, summon separately and ask lots of questions.


Generally speaking you can do whatever magick you feel like doing and it will all mesh together to some extent or another.

With Bael and Beelzebub in particular, one situation I could see them clashing a bit in is if you want to both create invisibility with Bael and glamour with Beelzebub. One is covering, the other is shining.

It is worth learning how to combine these. I think this should be fairly obvious. Cover what you want to move attention away from, make shine what you want to be seen.

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Baal is more aggressive and mighty in physical combat and Beelzebub is more witchy and magical. They are different entities