I'm building a Radionics Machine

:thinking: will you be able to dial in the fae with that thing?

I don’t know anything about radionics… another thing to add to the list of things to do.

I started collecting materials to make an organite and got distracted by being invited to go on a bluefin tuna boat. Its interesting to see how other people are making their organite. I didn’t think about quartz 🥸 I have some hematite already and I’m ordering some rudraksha seeds for the organic element. (probably have to precoat each seed so that there are no air bubbles) … my list of things to buy always seems to be bigger than my piggy bank😏

Does it matter what kind of epoxy that you use?

The first one I made, the green one, has been pretty good for dialing into fae energy when using it. But it was also specifically designed with that in mind. As for the epoxy, I know polyester was the original component, however any epoxy that hardens and shrinks should be perfectly acceptable. I just can’t stand polyester resin since I make these in my apartment and it would stink up the whole place with fumes lol.

And yeah, it’s a costly process. I gathered alot of it in parts and pieces until I had everything i needed. As far as getting distracted, hard to turn down blue fin lol

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When are these gonna start hitting your etsy?

Ahem…it’s against forum rules to advertise or plug our own stuff for monetary gain on the forum since I am not technically a BALG affiliate.

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Oh well damn, then I definitly won’t say best of luck and that you deserve it for your hard work!

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