I'm building a Radionics Machine

So rather than spamming the TMW board, I thought I would make its own thread. I’ve been building a radionics box. Using a number of videos, guides, and such, especially JS Garret’s and Uncle Chucky’s, I’ve laid out what I am fairly certain is functioning psionic device. Well, will be one once I finish it.

I’ve got the potentiameters, the copper wire, plates, crystals, and a few other things. And the box of course.

At it’s core is going to be a chunk of orgonite, with copper leads to make a complete circuit. The orgonite itself is composed of a chunk of polished Quartz wrapped in the copper wire that becomes the leads. Emerald chips. Moldavite. A small pentacle. And a mix of Dragons Blood Ink and my own blood. It’s curing as I type this and should be ready by this time tomorrow.

I’ve got the box and such laid out but I am saving those pics for later when it is more completed. But I will update this thread as I go.

My thoughts on Radionics are mixed, but I find it fascinating and enough people are talking about success with it that I had to try it. And building my own box is significantly more affordable than buying one out right. Though I have to say, between materials and time, I can see now why they cost so much prebuilt. It’s quite the process.


This is exciting, I look forward towards your updates.

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Orgonite complete. Made a rookie error and forgot to grease my mold first. I worked in marine resin and fiberglass so I really should have known better, but we all make mistakes lol. Thankfully since I just used a disposable plastic cup I used my Dremel to grind it away and then hit it with an acrylic clear coat. Neither of which were needed for function, but I wanted it to look at least somewhat nice.


This is a really interesting process. Im not familiar with radionics. Whats the use of this once completed?


My best understanding is that a device like this is a multipurpose tool for Magick. Or as I described it to a friend of mine “The Air Fryer of Occult Ritual”. It can do whatever you want it to do.

By having the dials wired to the input and output plates, and the orgonite core, it can be psychically dialed in, dowsing to adjust the dials, to create the result you want. The adjusting of the box can either supplement or replace ritual.

This is my understanding so far. Though I can confidently say this is an accurate version of it in a nutshell at least.


Got the dials and copper plates put in place. Definitely going for a thicker copper next time, something a little more rigid. Also soldered copper wire to the plates and drilled a hole directly under them to accommodate it. Plates are also being epoxied directly to the box.

Next up is wiring it all together and then it’s just making the outside pretty lol


The camel crush pack is a nice touch :rofl:


lol, I thought about taking them out for a better pic but decided that I might as well leave it for size/scale.


Okay, here’s where it is really getting into unknown territory. I am not entirely sure if there is a specific way these things are supposed to be wired, and my knowledge of electronic wiring pretty much begins and ends with how to splice a severed drop cable. So I purely went with intuition on this, especially with where and how to place the 9v adapter (which is probably all kinds of wrong, if it actually matters at all outside of symbolism)

Secondly I had to epoxy the orgonite to the lid because I didn’t leave myself enough slack in the wire to secure it to the bottom.

The silver lining here is that I actually had a pretty substantial amount of doubt regarding orgonite since it isn’t actually a part of Wilhelm Reich’s original work on Orgone Energy. Imagine my surprise when this chunk of epoxy, metal, and crystal actually started radiating some pretty intense energy on its own.

After everything is dry by tomorrow, I will probably be burning the Amanita Sigil in the center of the four dials, tapping into the spirit of the mycelium network of fungi. Then it’s just purely aesthetic work for there.


Can you share where you got the recipe for orgonite, I haven’t come across any yet? I’m hearing that many people sell fake orgonite and that the only was is invented by Karl Welz and is kept secret I think.


Honestly it’s the basic recipe you will find most places that I tweaked a bit. In my case it was 2 part resin epoxy, rough emerald chips, five small chips of moldavite, blood, and a quartz crystal wrapped in copper.

It does have a strong energy. I don’t know if it would do all the things alot of the fanatical orgonite folks say, but I can’t deny it has power.

The original work on Orgone Accumulation by Wilhelm Reich was done by layered natural and manmade materials. I believe the original Orgone Accumulation chamber was made by layering wood, metal, and sheep’s wool, and made into a box large enough to comfortably sit in.

So while modern orgonite isn’t original to the work, i wouldn’t call it a ripoff since it kinda follows the same principle of layering and compressing natural and artificial materials, specifically with how resin epoxy shrinks and hardens.


Interesting, I’ll research it more.
Keep us posted about your successes with your machine! I’m also getting into it.


There is so much great information the J.D and Black Magick Barbie and Uncle Chucky provide. I’m certain you’ll have success☆☆☆☆☆☆


Do you know if the symbolic paper machines work?

I am working with an Orgon Chamber made after the original principles of Wilhelm Reich. I also have some Radionics Machines. Interesting idea to combine those principles.


Honestly I can’t comment on those with anything definitive since I haven’t used them. But the chaos magician in me says they could work in some capacity, in the same way a sigil works.


Thanks! :blush:

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Yes the symbolic paper machines work quite well.

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Wow, how cool! I asked another member and he told me not to waste time with that nonsense.

One persons nonsense is another persons path to success. Intent plus energy. With the machine the OP is making the energy comes from orgonite, and intent is dialed in with the dials. With paper machines you can use emotional energy, sex energy, chi balls or any other energy you have access to. The intent is dialed in with your mind.

To stay on topic I have built machines similar to the OP. I am keeping an eye on this thread to see how it works out.