I'm a little Teapot

Come on you know the rest of the song!! Sing-a-long!

This is my teapot,

I found it at work, repaired the lid. I want to turn it into a vessel for would be spirits and parasites. and essentially trap them until released :slight_smile: I will probably paint this black and put sigils all around it to help in the method of containing spirits. I just wanted to share this with y’all and if you want to throw in some baddies into it when I am done preparing it. Lemme know.

My hope is to one day, get it juiced up enough and sell it at a yard sale to haunt someone else. You know, scary movie stuff. More so, I have always been fascinated by cursed objects and I feel like I should be contributing to the world as well :smile:


:thinking: i dunno who spreading shit storms by selling items infested with astral parasites is contributing to anything meaningful. Sounds like hollywood may have entangled itself in this motive. :alien:


Not that I approve ( or the op cares about approval anymore than anyone else on here) ; but I do see practical applications to creating hauntings. It will get people looking more seriously into issues of spiritual health and Magick and spirits in general. Possibly.

But more than likely it would just give the Catholic Church a boost with people lining up to pay them for exorcisms because as you said… Hollywood. But even that eliminates some of the rampant half ass belief in spirits religious people have. That whole " God is real and so are angels but believing in ghosts is stupid " bullshit. Which would propel spirituality in society much more with a little time.

This would only be accomplished with multiple people doing this multiple times over a length of time but still only one person doing it once or twice will make a small scale change locally.

Just my thoughts 🤷


I think positive about everything :slight_smile:


Good point and a valid point that I did not consider before. You definitely added to the positive thinking of it all and I like that. I was more in the positive mindset that it’s fun for me, but I like your thinking too :slight_smile: Thanks!


Ha ha ha you’re welcome.


To anyone who is interested, it’s been painted. Waiting for it to dry.


I dig the design


It already looks different lol

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I me god… this thread is best. Most important, indeed… mmm. Special, this.

Whaaaa? Lol

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I know y’all are only into freaky ass demon shit, but this puppy is open for haunting, I just love to make new magick stuff .


Not my personal cup of tea but nicely done.

The BALG arts and crafts thread - however what paint did you use and did you sand surface before. Is this a bake on glaze?

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It’s all about the cursed objects where a small portion of my obsession lay.

Have you ever seen adventure time? There was this wizard in the woods giving out cursed rings to the kids and folks. Goals.

The art work is more like a magickal binding on the piece itself. Like magick much effort has to be laid in the work for the goal to be achieved. Plus, I like to paint when I can.

This seems like old magick to me, not commonly used.


Glad that you acted upon the suggestion. I am still curious to know the type of paint that you used.


Generic paint that was treated to get the effect.


If you do the work of the Mastering Evocation Coursework, then you can bind a number of spirits to an object. Then gift wraps it for a Militant Secularist, such as those enforcers of that Program for Accelerated Vocational Education (PAVE). With their wonderful charging of the water found for teapot use, while these same people just like Evolutionary Science people, will think of it as being a happy type of gifting.

Sigils are used for calling spirits, just like circles are used for storing energy. These are not for protection, because if they were it would simplify Evocation. Those crazy secularist in their ivory tower status

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I’m gonna go ahead and put a Titanic whopping of Tsathogguan black sludge into it, I will get Surtrs help too.

I will make a fetish to give it some resonance. I will post what I did whenever the force seizes me.


Idk if you did this already but it feels gross now, thanks. Lol


Black sludge can be charged, just remember to get into that Theta Wave of near sleep and do Preparatory-Immersion, to learn of the correct feel and energy for placing into this. Because I have gotten my share of strange things visiting me, by playing around with things, with their attaching to myself and objects.

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