Umm, I was wondering whether Illuminati is still active? If Yes, Where and How do they execute their operations? Do they really control the world? Are they Satanists?


I assume you are talking about the conspiracy group, yes most probably they are still active, and no, I dont categorise them as Satanists, not the Satanists I have in mind at least

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I have heard that they only worship satan

No. The only Illuminati to ever exist was a small group of rich Bavarians who got together to use their wealth to influence their local politicians, and oppose religion, superstition, and abuses of state power… There is not, and never has been, a global spanning Illuminati pulling strings from the shadows,

The only historical Illuminati would have laughed at you for calling them that. They were secular, and sought to use their influence to purge the Church from having control over everyday life.


OOO…okay okayy

People like the name “Illuminati” because it sounds mysterious, so they make all sorts of ridiculous claims about it. In reality, its name comes from the idea of freeing people from the superstition and control of the Church via rational thought and philosophy, in what eventually came to be called the Enlightenment Era, which spanned the 17th and 18th Centuries.


the Bavarians, yes

Once existed real which haved secret knowledge, but as some involve in its get corrupted.

There are some people in the elite positions that are luciferian, watch “Dutch banker exposes elite”

Yes and peers claim that the group of skulls that exsist in Harvard is ruling the American senate as well. People will always have ideas of groups ruling the world or being satanist same goes for the Freemasons. Right @DarkestKnight

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the skull society in Yale exists though…

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Well @StrengthenedWarrior like I said people claim all kinds of stuff

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What @DarkestKnight said is true.
Modern day people call the collection of secret societies Illuminati even though it is not the proper name. Like skull and bones society, Freemasons and many others.

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They have a website.

Think about this very clearly.
A rather limited group that conspires in a world of 7 billion people.
Can you imagine the level of work required to control people like Trump?
Among others?
Take me out my dudes If I am 1\10 wealthy of what these guys are supposed to be, I would just dwell in my mind and enjoy as many experiences as I can.

At what point do you become a slave of your conquest?

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Okay, sooner or later this will become about politics so with thanks to all who posted, I am closing it, please take any further conversation to PM. :+1: