I'll take "What is devotional worship when not involved with the Mad God of the cults of monotheism" for 500

So since it came up recently decided to type up some general information on this since the only exposer a lot of people who’s beginning is rooted in western culture end up hearing about one of these and the monotheistic versions are generally the first thing that comes to mind.

A simple explanation is it is a form of alchemical or ritual rite with specific aims in mind carried out by aligning with a specific spiritual being or force to expand the aspect of this within your microcosm through resonance to the macrocosmic aspect of said force or being to either bring about a change within self(alchemy) or a change outside of self(sorcery). One does effect the other constantly but the subjective focus of the operator is usually focused more on one or the other as a starting point.

One of the specific versions of this include the following.

From the vedic perspective this is a way to align with the various gods and planets that want to work with you or would be most beneficial to you personally and those that have chosen to act as guides when you came to this plane. The way this is worked out is through a specific type of astrology reading geared to learning what planets want to help you in what ways and then learning which gods connected to those planets best align with you specifically and constructing a mantra for a specific ritual based off your chart to best attune you to those forces and bring about change again either change within self or outside of self.


This could easily describe many rituals, meditation and energy working techniques that have nothing to do with “devotional worship”. This is magik done by working with entities.
It also describes taking instructor-led classes from humans, come to think of it.

As an Westerner and an empath, in every instance of witnessing worship or devotion (these are different but can be combined) the person carries a very specific kind of emotional vibration.

I.e. these are (ime) emotional at thier very core - devotion even moreso than worship.

I don’t sense that in this description? I can see that this and worship are not mutually exclusive but they’re not the same thing.

Having said that, I know nothing about vedic practices and thier use of these terms. The title here seems to want to equate these English terms with translated values from a non-English culture and perhaps that’s where the mismatch is occurring :thinking:

I’m wondering why your description of devotional worship is go generic that it doesn’t explain what devotion or worship are?

I like to go to church, convincing myself in the belief of jesus, and engaging in the holy spirit to let loose a parasite of malicious design into the church seen.