If you have clairvoyance and you invoke a spirit, can you see/hear it?

I was told it was just minor possession so I dunno if they show up

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Before evoking or invoking a being you probably should work on those in the first place lmao. But no invoke is to bring inside you. So if you evoke a being yes.

I have been invoking for a while, I can think their thoughts.

Jeez, evoking is difficult. What’s the easiest method to pull it off?

I.E, not risking the “sick or elderly”, not having to remember a giant ritual

Or is there not a method like that?

I dont think there’s an easy way, all ways lead to you waiting for them to respond or not, work on your clairs through meditation, scanning/sensing, etc.

I only evoke when I am lazy and don’t feel like projecting, and only invoke when I need Odin to lend a hand with my oracle deck that I use only for him.


I hear them. Sort of.

I wanna learn scanning. I’ve been trying it, but perhaps doing it wrong. Also would like to take up scrying.

A colleague of the Forum told me, he learned scanning with fire scrying. He recommended Tarot for me for the start.

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I got that down. Traditional Rider Waite buddy :))

I got a traditional Rider Waite, too ^^


Lol…Tbh all I have done is evoke. I find invocation to be difficult. For evocation, I just say

“Please come (name), Please come (name). Please come (name). I have some questions to ask. Please come (name). Thanks”

I use penny divination to get yes or no answers.

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I invoke all the time, normally for me its just striking up a convo like I do with loved ones. For more formal evoking, or if i feel like i need to wine and dine them first, i clear the area with incense, set up a circle (cause I have kids and set boundaries especially if I’m not sure about how a guide will work with me at first) set up my alter, setsome mood music (normally dark gothic vampire music, cause I like it) and invite them in by chanting their enn and charging their sigil (I draw my own using the ashes from previous incense and charged water from this last blood moon. Totally not necessary to do all the pomp but I feel more creative and magickal doing it that way lol) and just go from there. For me I feel them and hear them, sometimes see them, right now as my extra sensory perceptions have been numb for so long, they seem similar to the after effect you get from the flash from a camera. But ive also had experiences of soft possessions during trance state (only taking over half my body after asking permission, working with me as I grow accustomed to that in between state of sleep and astral) my problem comes in when I start falling asleep during mediation ot trance…then I get told to get back to work LMAO


Invoke, i thought, was purely internal. Evokib=ng is external

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Yes it is internal. I dont do invoking rituals. I invite them in, and if they choose to come thats cool if not I normally forget I contacted them pretty quick and move on to ones that speak back to me.

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I’ve noticed if I talk about them, they normally show up but normally in the background. What is kind of funny is what I perceive as strong love energy my husband feels it is as strong dark chaos.

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I can see that. Love is insanity and chaos her sister. And I prefer the more causal to the formal when it comes to allowing spirit in me. There are some i wine and dine first but that’s just a formality. As soon as a good enough connection is made I invoke and ask if they would like to walk with me in a more personal and intimate manner. Most of them agree.


Most of my connections were around me or a loved one beforehand, the exception being King Paimon but he helps my family, especially my husband achieve goals that help with my life purpose.

I like King Paimon he gives answers that and the others are like “focus on the now” and talk to me like I forgot a bunch of stuff but think about it when it matters.

It feels confusing at times but less so now.

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I sometimes have difficulty in filtering out who is talking. Most of the time I have to ask as I’m still learning all the subtle nuances and differences
… Although I can always tell when it’s belial. He likes to laugh…alot…not always at appropriate times either.

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