If you can speak with spirits telepathically


Its more like this…
I’m going to pick one of the five shapes.

You visualize a blank screen and just watch the screen in your mind. I’m going to push this shape through and onto your blank screen so you can see it.
So go ahead and visualize a blank screen and wait for the shape to appear on your screen in your mind.


Let me know when you have seen the shape on your screen.


Yes. And @AdamThoth what is this game?


Its a telepathy game, I tried to explain the rules above. The shape I sent him was a triangle.


Sorry, I just seen this. I already read the thing below saying it’s a triangle. Wanna try again?


OK sending now.


Cool wondering who i can play with. …hahaha um tske that any way you wish😜


You can join in with us. And you can take that any way you wish :wink:




Intriguing @Blackflag16


Nicely done mate! That’s a hit.


Ah fuck yeah. I like this. That was my first try. I feel happy. :grin:


You’re getting the hang of it and you will get this next one immediately I bet. I’m sending it now and anyone else can chime in. That could be the contests who can get the first hit.




Hit again! You’re on a roll tonight.


Hell yeah. I’m liken this even more.


I joined in & though of a square but didn’t see it


Its OK you can try again I’m sending out another one now.


Anybody getting it?


Send it out again I was doing something.