If someone’s will is strong, will a lust/ love spell not work on them?

If you ended badly with someone, and they’ve been ignoring you for two years is there any way to work a lust or love spell on them? Or is it nearly impossible / slightly immoral due to their will to keep you out of their life. I don’t necessarily mind if it’s manipulating his will, I’m just unsure if it would work or if I should just accept what is when it comes to a situation like this


ALSO what would be the best way to go about it? I was thinking simple candle magic but I’m open to almost anything that would work


Also some backstory
We were friends for 5 years and also romantic with each other, I screwed up by not being there for him the way I should have when his father passed, and I was going through a rough stage of drug abuse which caused a big fall out. He’s unable to overlook the situation no matter how many times I apologized


Hm. Are you two currently in contact/on good terms?


If you aren’t on speaking terms, you need to do a “contact me” spell of some sort. If you speaking, I would do either a honey jar or another type of sweetening spell so that your target will see you in a more favorable way. I have great resources for all of the spells I mentioned. I just need a bit more detail to figure out what spell would be right for your situation. Also, what is your end goal? To be friends again? To hook up again? Or to have a relationship/something long term?


I would like to have a relationship, and nope we’re on bad terms /: how would I go about that


Be specific. If you’re in love still then you wont be happy with sex then back to not talking to each other.
If not then lust would be easier.

For morality everyone keeps their own if you feel bad about doing something then don’t. that includes love spell curses. whatever. If you’re ok with it then go ahead, this is not a impose you’re views and morals on others type of place.

Fuck you now you’ve doubted and cock blocked yourself before you even started.
Always believe its possible that what will drive you to try anything.

Candle magick can be very powerful but still depends on how much power you put into it.
eg just starring at the candle and visualizing while in theta would work a little bit.
For more strength drawing Gremory or sitri if you prefer sigil on the candle chanting her/his enn and and having the name and date of birth of the guy on the candle and masturbating while visualizing the object of your desire fucking you that would be more powerful. (serious)
If you don’t want to work with demons then the above can work with just your will.

warning, be careful what you want.
love spells go wrong for a lot of people when done on a specific person instead of generally


Ok, you must do a contact me spell first. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=up2-_qrwjpQ
I’ve used this one before with success ( I adapted it a little bit to my liking). That is your first and most important step! Once contact is initiated, you should try to get this person to be on at least speaking terms with you. Next step would be doing a spell that influences their opinion of you. I’d do some type of divination to figure out what the major blockages are in this person’s mind. Then, do a banishing spell to banish those blockages from this person’s mind. Lastly, you should do a love spell that you feel is appropriate once you’ve actually started to be friends again and those blockages are gone. The first two steps may take awhile, but believe in yourself and do not give up! Once you’ve done the contact spell, you can PM me and I can send over some good banishing and love spells if you need.


Hahahaha “fuck you” also how would it go wrong? Like we would wind up together but hating eachother?

Thank you<3

I think what @Laith_wavey is saying is valid. You are blocking yourself by doubts and fears, if you’re going to do it, fucking do it and be confident in it. I would suggest doing a spell on yourself to clear out negative thinking and self-doubt before doing any work on your subject. Doing a few spiritual baths and meditations to raise your vibration is essential as well. Also, working with a demon like Sitri, in my opinion, would work best if you do some spell work yourself first (like the contact me spell).


Witchybitch, would you mind if I PM you? :slight_smile:


sure :slight_smile:

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@Vveronika we have the same name and the same spelling, so dope

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:heart:️:black_heart::heart:️:black_heart:!! Twins. Also thanks for your help

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yea, no problem! keep me updated :slight_smile:

why dont you share the love spells here so that everyone can see it

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ok here are a few real life examples with the names changed.

Lisa has a huge crush on Chris. Chris is a very popular, athletic, cheated on his girlfriend (not Lisa) and she still took him back because he’s still the shit.
Lisa wanted him for herself, not shared with his girlfriend or side bitches. She did a spell. It worked. Instead of the cool charismatic loyal boyfriend that she hoped for Chris became an obsessive, clingy can’t stop thinking about you, 23 missed calls 5 unread text type of boyfriend.
Lisa is no longer into him, even though she made him into a bitch with her spell. He was cool before.
…it gets dark so ill stop here.

Lust spells are straight forward.
Love spells that draw into your life someone from a specific criteria or type of relationship that you want are amazing.
Love spells where that person is already into you but just shy and needs encouragement, great.
Love spells when the person wants nothing to do with you…you’re asking for trouble.

again that’s why I said be specific and know what you really want
Maybe you just want to reconciliation because it ended on bad terms instead of being lovers again?


Which spell should I post? I’ve listed quite a few and will have to go through my book of shadows. I posted the link to the contact me spell. Would you like my sweetening spell? I feel as though its pointless to post a honey jar spell, as its probably the most mainstream spell in Hoodoo and everyone should really adapt it to their own personal needs.

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did the contact me spell worked for you?

Any love spell you can share would be awesome

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