If lucifer is real , how is Christianity not?

I was just wondering this because the name lucifer comes from the Bible.

@787400xps Because Christianity is a fraud which seeks to gain power by blaspheming against the Powers of Darkness. Christianity is just a way to smear Lucifer’s name really. If someone wrote an entire book slandering you for no reason would the fact that you exist make everything they said true? No. Of course not.


No no no! The word Lucifer is Greek and it’s not in the Hebrew Bible. Here look at this thread and it should help.


The very name Lucifer means the light bringer… that should give us something to think about, no?

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The Christian religion never resonated with me, it’s necessary an esotericism (hesychasm, for example) or feel myself like an angel’s incarnation if not another Jesus etc. to make me more “inclined”.
That being said, a magician or an esoterist may take Christianity as his/her basis (so theoretically it is true but, being a religion, is partially only a point of view) and, in the first case, choose to work or not with Lucifer. Another magician will work with the entity called so, without giving acknowledgment to the Christian doctrine and preferring another “framework”.

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@Ravenxoxo yes, the root of LUCIfer comes from the word Lucent. I encourage the OP to look up the dictionary meaning :thinking::wink:

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I guess it all depends on your definition of the word real for a start.

The name and title have been around for a very long time indeed.

Also one of the possible meanings of the Egyptian god Set’s name is “shining one” as well. :thinking:


I like me some Lucifer! He is so good at blowing my mind with crazy awesome information when I tune in to his energy


The Greek translation has Lucifer in it, but not any original texts. Also consider that Lucifer is a title, much like Doctor, Professor, Mayor, or Christ. Honestly, it should be said as “the Lucifer”, not Lucifer by itself. Maybe now you can see why masons like the Lucifer so much. Call him the Christ, call him the Lucifer, either way not such a bad guy if you are wise enough not to conflate the man with the message.


Wrong question.


Because, obviously, Christianity IS real, very much so.

Combined, the various churches own thousands of square miles of real estate, including some of the most imposing and historic buildings in every town and city, in both the new world and the old, millions of people have lived and died as Christians, it influenced our entire culture (ended the idea, if you kill someone, you just pay off depending on their class for example, not to mention the Viking slave trade in selling your neighbours ot anyone who pays up), and to this day, it touches the lives of billions of people, in every waking moment.

More relevantly on a magick forum, Christianity has seen countless miracles, witnssed by tens of thousands of people, contains supernatural lore of various kinds, and has given us ascended humans in the form of saints…

Why am I picking apart this one issue?

Because just as “garbage in, garbage out” is true, so is the need for absolute clarity in magick – I don’t mean micromanaging a spirit on a task, but comprehending exactly what you want, excatly what you need, and desire.

A better question might be, what are the differences between living as a Christian, or as a magician, or why worship (if you must) Lucifer in place of Christ?

What did you hope to clarify from your post @787400xps ?


It did but why do w call him the fallen angel. Isn’t that Christian

“Throughout history, the gods of one group of people would always become the demons of their conquerors.” Konstantinos, Summoning Spirits: The Art of Magical Evocation

Outside of the historical truth of that quote, Lucifer has never shown to me personally that he has any real connection with the abrahamic monotheistic religions or that he is in anyway a fallen angel.

All depends on what paradigm the individual magician chooses to work with i guess.


Oh it’s real. The Bible is a doctrine for Kabbala philosophy that most people don’t understand on its deeper levels to see its connections; (Its purpose) to hide this alchemical knowledge from the unaware public. In short, the Jews ARE the apocalypse-bound Illuminati “Elite”. The Bible is very Zionist inside and out. The prophecies of the Bible are the prophecies of their rulership over earth as given (promised) by the entity Yahweh under their pact of loyalty to him.

The entity Lucifer (and name) doesn’t come from it, but a certain persona that is forced upon the Astral plane does. It’s not his origin but think of it as a fabricated news story. That’s how the masses have been ALLOWED to see him. So that’s how he appears to many. Same seemingly goes for the angels, actually.


By “real”, I think 787400xps meant true (as opposed to a false belief system). Islam is just as real as Christianity (1.8 billion + believers, 50 Muslim-majority countries, a 172 million Muslims strong minority in India, countless mosques across the world…) and is said to be the fastest growing religion, but it doesn’t mean its spirituality and teachings are so true…

As for miracles in Christianity… Catholic mystics had visions confirming Catholicism to be the true Christian Church, the most assured path to salvation, but Protestant/Evangelical mystics had visions or revelations confirming Catholicism to be a false Church and path to Hell.

According to most Christians, Jesus was crucified on a cross shaped like a small t; according to others, he was crucified on a cross shaped like a capital T; and Jehovah’s Witnesses believe he was nailed to a pole (not a cross).

The existence of Christianity may be real, but it’s not such a true faith.