If LOTR characters really existed, who would you work with?

Celebrimbor or Sauron comes to my mind.

There are threads about summoning/evoking/invoking ficitonal characters so I think you can actually work with them if I remember correctly

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As in they really existed or is it just possible

” Technically, you can “summon” anything that has been given attention and energy by people. So, in theory, you can manifest fictional characters,”


Right. Sorry I felt stupid

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I copied another person’s comment that I found in the thread I linked lol.
you can just typ ”fictional characters” in the search bar and a lot pops up.

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None, not a fan with working with thoughtforms, but I’d probably pet Legolas’s thoughtform :thinking:

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Galadriel, Arwen or Eowyn… :hot_face::hot_face:

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Talking about the actresses lol

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Legolas or Gandalf

Witch king used to obsessed with that dude


Can you hear it?