If i cant have alcohol due to health issues, what can i substitute wine offerings with? (also need offering advice)

I have liver issues and am a recovering alcoholic, so I cant really have alcohol in my home. I am organizing a large life-changing ritual that includes many offerings and sacrifices, one of which would be mulled wine, which id make myself. I can’t do that, because when offering, I partake a small amount and offer up the energy from my enjoyment as an additional offering. These are the ones who I am having trouble figuring out proper offerings and sacrifices for, any advice would be very appreciated. Considering how much this means to me, I want everything to be perfect. Thank you in advance for any help and advice.

King Belial

Lady Lilith

Lord Lucifer

Lord Hades

Lord Mammon

Lord Asmodeus

King Paimon


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Offerings are not required, and I advise them only from a place of gratitude for a job well done, not as offerings and not as “sacrifice”, I feel this old Piscean energy is no longer effective or appropriate for the energies of the Age of Aquarius as we pass into it.

If you must have something an old staple is always incense. White Copal never gets rejected, Frankincense is also popular. Use these resins with self lighting charcoal disks. Make sure you ight it in the spirit of lighting it for the entity. If you want to get fancy Egyptian Temple Kyphi is expensive but prized. It doesn’t smell so great for humans imo, but the extra effort in making it makes a magickal difference.

You can also put out fruit, tea, small cakes, some like a good steak, mince pies and a glass of milk are traditional for Saint Nicholas aka Santa at the winter solstice, so you see you can offer anything, if you like it that helps.


You can always offer cold, clean, water in place of alcohol. This can also double as a sacrifice because currently there is a severe drought going on in several places, so clean water could be seen as a luxury.

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You could always use grape juice as a substitute symbolically.

Or if there’s a Mercado in your area you can pick up “Sangria Señoral” which is like a sangria soda (loved that shit as a kid. Lol)

I feel like sparkling cider (non alcoholic) like they put out at new years would be a good bet. Mimicking champagne…Nice hors d’oeuvres of some kind as well I think.

Personally, when I drink alchohol in any form, I feel this irresistable urge to hurl. It’s like my body just doesn’t want me to have it. So, I use red power aid.

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I’m pretty old school, I leave some kind of offering in every full ritual. Perhaps start getting high end coffees to offer, and really ritualize the brewing process, get a dedicated French press, etc…

Also the same can be applied to brewing herbal teas. Especially if you customize the herb blend to the spirit or energies that you are trying to contact.

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I don’t keep alcohol of any form in my home, so I use incense, coffee, honey, fresh cold water, or any of the combination.

I don’t drink alcohol due to a family history of being alcoholics. It hasn’t stopped me from presenting gifts. I like to draw art, give flowers, write a letter (usually of a personal nature), and send a good word out about the entities I work with when the situation presents itself.

I think any gift from the heart and that is well thought out would be appreciative. They understand your reasons for not giving alcohol and respect and applaud your taking care of yourself and not risking injury. They don’t want that of you.


I have decided the offerings/sacrfices/gifts are these- home baked pumpkin cobbler, special blended herbal tea, fresh water, a treasured pokemon card, $8, fruit like apples and pomegranate, shoes, personal toys, hair, blood, and fragments of my tooth, and 8 days of devotional celebacy.

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That’s impressive. I wish I could do something like that, but there would be no explaining it to my catholic mom, lol.

And for the above stuff, For offerings you can put offerings of gems they like or incenses. But in general I believe as long as it comes from the heart and the spirits know it’s a offering for them, they will like it.

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The stuff that you just mentioned also would work fine too.

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right, i also bought special candles for each and incense and music are a must in my opinion.

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I am sorry to hear that about your mother, is there no chance that she would understand?

No, especially because she knows I am interested in demons and stuff.

My condolences.