If a strong spirit possesses you is it possible for them to force a OBE to kick you out of your body?

The question is the topic name.

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It’s possible for them to force an OBE and for them to control the whole process of getting to that point.

What’s more important is their reason for doing so, and how you perceive the OBE. Just because it’s “forced”, doesn’t mean it’s malevolent.

If you can’t OBE by yourself, the spirit can aid you to get there.


Until now I’ve encountered two types:

Being guided into OBE and being with the spirit, leaving my body behind (with an anchor connected to me, so to speak) without anything taking a hold of it instead and sharing my phsyical body with a spirit during possession but doing so in a coordinated and “split screen” kind of way. I never had OBE and/or possession with something entirely else taking over and locking me out of my body.


No. Your physical vessel is yours by rights of your incarnation. While a strong spirit can suppress your consciousness up to a point, it cannot kick you out completely.

It’s important to understand that when you project, or have an out of body experience, you are not fully out of your body. You are still connected to it, and part of your consciousness still resides in it. The whole idea of it being an empty shell while you’re “out” is a myth.


All that and I would add, if you’re out, and there in, and you’re now on your own, the most common reaction prime have is they get all excited, go “I did it!” And boom, the emotion puts you right back in your body.

Which is fine, but to get the most out of it I took Michael Raduga’s advice: have a plan. Know immedeately where you want to go, keep it interesting and keep it moving. If you get confused or bored you may start dreaming, or bounce back into your body and wake up. He has a bunch of ideas to extend lucif obe states as long as possible. After that it’s a matter of practice.


That is generally how possession works or making you a prisoner in your own body usually unconscious of events or fully believing your choices are your own while they just pull the strings. An entity kicking you out of your body more likely than not intends to kill you and take your body for itself otherwise it would just suppress your consciousness and pilot your body for a few minutes to get what it wants done. Longer term it would use obsession and mental manipulation to make you a living puppet that willingly acts on its behalf and hosts it within your body. This is assuming actual possession of course and not just enlisting a spirit to send you out and take your place while you do something though for that you are better just making a spirit with a copy of your personality.


Yes. I’ve had it happen to me before twice when I was sleeping. I had dreams that ended with me staring at myself sleeping.

However, it doesn’t seem to be at the will of the person experiencing the OBE. Spirits will just pluck you out when they feel like it, it seems.

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Yes. It’s without a doubt certainly plausible and I’d even say it’s likely to have happened before and been documented in scientific journals. The FBI calls that a walk-in scenario.

There’s not an actual ejection unless you’re killed, but your authentic personality may be so far repressed and suppressed from surfacing that it’s 100% someone else is in full control and you’re not even a conscious participant anymore in some cases of this phenomenon.

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