Ida Craddock the mystic and angelic relationships

I’ve been waiting to get a book on the 19th-century mystic Ida Craddock that brought up an odd but interesting topic. This might sound weird. But, I really want to a discussion on (only) angels and human’s relationship with each other.

She goes on into the book describing her encounter with an angel name Soph and the courtship to marriage between them.

Naturally I have heard and I believe that angels have only a platonic bonds with humans. Some people have addressed her for the criticism for this relationship she has with her angel because they assume Soph was not an angel. But, possibly a demon which is not a bad thing. But, this bring up a question, can angels and humans have this sort of relationship? Can Ida Craddock be wed to an angel? I love hear to anyone’s opinion on the topic.

I’m Pretty sure @Helena is married to an archangel. I won’t swear to anything, but I’m almost certain I’ve read that in passing.

But I think it’s important to put it out there, spiritual marriages and physical marriages are not the same thing at all. But to get back to the topic we have members married to a variety of spirit races so as far as the question goes, she coulda been. She might nota been. Only she and that angel can probably answer that for sure.

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There is older thread on this very topic:

Yes, angels can marry humans. There are accounts of nuns in convents having angel husbands.


@DarkestKnight do you recall where you saw the accounts of nuns having these husbands? I would really like to read more about that. Thank you!!!


Thank you so much for the link! I’ll check it out.

Yes I am.
The christian churches tried to weaken the angels’ influence and their relationships with humans throughout time, some churches more than others. The lutheran church for example does not even like it if you mention an angel, or praying to one.
They think it is blasphemy.

The thought that an angel can have a relationship with a human makes many christians think that you might be “deluded by a devil” because of that.


Yeah I agree with you on that especially on how Christians view it. I was only paraphrasing of criticism that was on the female mystic who was with the angel. I was on another discussion forum on the book and the person declared it had to be a demon because of that. Some also mentioned that only things with low energy or dark energic beings usually have this bond with a person. Like high energic being would never result to do this with a human. Whatever that means. But I’m not exactly knowledgeable about angelic spirit spouses or energies work in this. I just thought topic would be interesting to hear about.

Well, give me a good explanation why that would be the case.
Because human feelings like love and attraction are somewhat “dark” or “low enrgy”? Or dirty even? And light entities are beyond that, living in holy celibacy?
Only if you’re still trapped in the mindset that humanity is flawed and inferior.

Spirits might seem superior and above us, because their presence and abilities are so alien and breathtaking. Destruction. Healing. Immortality.
Aren’t we just a piece of rotting meat? Dust in the wind?

No, there’s more to us. Faith. Endurance. Renewal.
Although our body dies, we don’t die.
We are not inferior, and not only worth the love of low energy beings.


Oh, no. I agree with you, I don’t think that would be a case. It was just what I was overhearing from another forum on a different site. I’m kind of new to this discussion of angelic relationships I’m not exactly sure what they were trying to say by that. It was on a reddit forum. I don’t think humanity is flawed or inferior. This was just a talking point of the others who were discussing it. I don’t agree with it. If anything I just view my angelic guides as friends. So, I don’t know exactly what I can say on the subject. I just want to hear people’s opinions on it.

Yes I understand that.

And I’m just explaining in general, not talking to you in particular, don’t worry.

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In my opinion, some of these kind of entities very rarely establish love or family relationships (I’m not talking about angels specifically, but about beings similar to them in some way). But not because people are somehow bad or unsuitable for them. They just don’t need it.

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Everyone has 2 to 4 guides, angels or demons and the practitioner can have a special relationship to one of them. Is totally normal.

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@DarkestKnight I join to the request. I’ve only met mystics diaries where all the ladies were married to christ. So that will be good novelty.

Rosalie, could you share the title of the book? There is few titles of her and about her that were published last decade. I am curious which one caught your attention :slight_smile:


Sure, I found that Crowley had talked about her so I searched Amazon to find a book about her. It’s called, Heaven’s Bride by Leigh Eric Schmidt. Its not her direct work though but an entire biography on her life. She goes over the topics of: yoga, belly dancing, marriage, and mystic stuff, and also stuff about sexology. She actually raise a Quaker too. I think its going to be interesting read.

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I’m sorry, I can’t remember where exactly I read about it. I’ve read sn many different things that sometimes they all blend together.


That’s a shame, I was curious too, but expected as much with you lol. Most of the time you cite the sources when you recall them :rofl:

Naturally I’m way too lazy to google it up myself. I have a list of like 12,000 things I want to research next.


@NovemberChild I never heard back from DK but I did buy one of Craddock’s books. I will let you know if it has much good info in it. :smiley:

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Um…my message is right above lol


@DarkestKnight I am so sorry! I didn’t get a notification or missed it. My sincere apologies. And thank you!

I bought her “Women Who Marry Angels” book.

Did y’all know Johnny Appleseed claimed to have two spiritual wives? I didn’t even know that was a thing.

Anyway, thank you again for answering me. Even though I’m kind of a moron. LOL. :smiley:


Funny I’ve found today :3